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Haiti Quake Hits Close to Home for DFW Salvation Army



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    People pass by the remains of a six-story communication building on Jan. 13 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

    Haiti might seem far away to most North Texans, but not for the two people in charge of the Salvation Army's chapter in Dallas-Fort Worth.

    Maj. Ward Matthews and Capt. Michele Matthews just moved to North Texas from the Caribbean, where they headed up the Salvation Army for the region.

    While looking at media coverage of the devastation left by the earthquake, Michele Matthews said she sees places she used to recognize.

    "I almost don't know how to feel or how to react because it's so devastating," she said. "It's very hard to look at. It breaks my heart. It's hard to recognize, yet I know what I'm looking at."

    "It's just hard to watch for me," Ward Matthews said. "It's physically painful to see those pictures."

    He said he has received some updates from friends via Facebook and saw pictures of the compound he frequently visited near Port-Au-Prince.

    "On our compound, the children spent the night sleeping outside last night, because the children's home was destroyed," he said.

    He said the best thing people who want to help can do is donate money to the Salvation Army and make the donation for "Haiti Relief."