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Gov. Rick Perry Speaks at State Republican Convention



    (Published Thursday, June 5, 2014)

    It was Texas Gov. Rick Perry's last walk on stage at the GOP convention in Fort Worth as governor, but his speech sounded like his political career may be far from over.

    After talking about Texas, and his accomplishments, Perry went on to take shots at Washington and the national government.

    “Nowhere in our constitution does it say Washington going to take over one sixth of our economy with a failed scheme like Obamacare,” said Perry.

    It was a speech that Dallas Morning News political reporter Gromer Jeffers said clearly sounded like a campaign stump speech.

    “He thinks he can win," Jeffers said. "He thinks he has something to offer the county that he can be president. He is out there, he is working hard, he is going to the battleground states and he is running."

    Land commissioner candidate George P. Bush joined Perry on stage.

    “We are going to ensure that tomorrows future is even better than our past. We are going to win in November,” said Bush.

    It is all a push to get republicans elected.

    “The national democrats think Texas is the new battleground. Well let's be really clear, Texas wil be their political burial groun,” Perry said.

    But Friday, the thousands of delegates gathered in Fort Worth will hear from another person being mentioned as a possible candidate, Sen. Ted Cruz.