Police Release Surveillance Footage in Fundraiser Theft

Police release video of woman using stolen credit card

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    Plano police have released surveillance video of a woman a credit card stolen from the parents a sick girl during a fundraiser for her medical bills.

    Someone broke into the Akeman family's car at Fairview Farms on Sunday and stole several items valued at $2,710, police said.

    Surveillance Video Shows Woman Using Stolen Credit Card

    [DFW] Surveillance Video Shows Woman Using Stolen Credit Card
    Plano police have released surveillance footage of a woman using a credit card that was stolen from a mother in a car break-in during a fundraiser for her sick child. (Published Thursday, March 8, 2012)

    Six-year-old Avery Akeman, who has undiagnosed medical problems that have weakened her immune system, has had 20 surgeries.

    Friends and family held a fundraiser to help the Akemans pay for medical bills that her father says are nearing $4 million.

    "We left that night feeling so loved on and just incredibly grateful," said Angie Akeman, Avery's mother.

    But when the Akemans got back to their car, they realized someone had broken in and stolen computers, gifts and Akeman's purse.

    "I immediately realized everything that was in there," said Paul Akeman, Avery's father.

    The surveillance video shows a woman using the Akemans' stolen credit card to buy food and gift cards at a gas station.

    The couple watched the video and said it looks like the act of someone who is desperate and in need of love -- something they have in abundance.

    The Akemans said they feel sorry for the woman who stole from them because she likely doesn't have friends who show her the kind of kindness they've experienced.

    Angie Akeman said she would like to see justice but would also like to meet the woman using her credit card.

    "She would see forgiveness, and I would say to her, 'I forgive you. You made a very bad choice; I forgive you,'" she said.

    Friends stepped up again for the Akemans after the theft. David and Sara Pearson emailed a few people, who came up with $1,600 for the Akemans to replace some of the stolen items.

    "I am continuously humbled," Angie Akeman said.

    "Right now, I have a knot in my throat because I feel like I could cry," her husband said.

    "We are so thankful for every day and just take every day as a gift," Angie Akeman said.