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Fort Worth Home Displays Black History

Home displays links to African-American history across Tarrant County



    (Published Sunday, Feb. 24, 2013)

    Did you know an African-American couple, Major and Malinda Cheney, helped settle the area of Birdville in Tarrant County?

    It's just one of the facts you can learn at the Lenora Rolla Heritage Center Museum at 1020 East Humbolt Street in Fort Worth.

    One room shows you the chains and shackles that brought African slaves to America.  There are also relics from the Jim Crow Era of racial segregation, including a "For Coloreds Only" sign.

    And you can see how people lived while forming communities around Tarrant County, including one of the first electric refrigerators and clothes from the early 1900's.

    The museum is named after Lenora Rolla, founder of the Tarrant County Black Historical and Genealogical Society. 

    Families from around Tarrant County donated personal items from doctors and other professionals to make sure the complete history of North Texas is preserved.