Former Deputy Constable Enters Plea

Howard Watson, 68, can never be a peace officer again

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    A former Dallas County deputy constable has pleaded guilty to four felonies and two misdemeanors, including sexual assault, bribery and official oppression.

    State District Judge Don Adams sentenced 68-year-old Howard Watson to a year in a state jail for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle; 10 years of deferred adjudication probation for two sexual assault charges and two bribery charges; and two years of deferred adjudication probation on two misdemeanor charges of official oppression.

    Watson's attorney says his client is in poor health.

    He must register as a sex offender and cannot be a peace officer again.

    The Dallas Morning News reports that the charges against Watson surfaced during an investigation into wrongdoing by constables. A special prosecutor says that investigation is winding down.