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Flower Mound Community Constructs Fort Wildflower

Flower Mound residents volunteer to build new community playground



    (Published Thursday, Sept. 13, 2012)

    Flower Mound residents are working together on a project that will provide lots of outdoor entertainment.

    Heritage Park is a 94-acre piece of land in Flower Mound, and this week, volunteers are working on its center piece. They are building the newest playground in town.

    "I was not expecting to see so many people out in the middle of the day on a Thursday. People obviously had to take off time from work and school and things like that," volunteer Kati Stoddard said.

    Gary Sims, Flower Mound's Director of Community Services, said 150 to 200 people have volunteered for each shift.

    He said everyone is contributing their own talents to the build, and they hope to complete the project by Saturday night.

    The playground has been named Fort Wildflower, and it will be a small piece of the entire park development.

    The Heritage Park will include pavilions, a botanical garden, an amphitheater, and a spray park.

    Sims said the construction of the playground will continue, rain or shine.