Female Shopper Notices Pervy Photographer

Woman says man tried to take pictures up her dress

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    A Fort Worth woman says a man tried to take pictures up her dress while she was shopping for Mother’s Day cards at a popular Target store last week.

    The woman, who spoke under the condition that her name not be used, said the incident happened Thursday at the Super Target at West Seventh and Carroll streets in a trendy, upscale part of Fort Worth.

    Shopper: Man Tried to Take Pictures Up My Dress

    [DFW] Shopper: Man Tried to Take Pictures Up My Dress
    A Target shopper says a man tried to take pictures up her dress with his cellphone while she was shopping for Mother's Day cards. (Published Monday, May 9, 2011)

    "As I'm looking at the cards, I'm noticing there's someone who is getting too close to me -- just way too close in my personal space,” she said.

    The man acted as if he was looking at cards on the bottom row next to her, she said.

    "And there weren't many cards to look at at that level, so it alarmed me that something wasn't normal about this person, constantly scooting closer in near my knees,” she said.

    She noticed a cell phone in his hand.

    “He had a slider cell phone that was slid out at the time,” she said. “It alarmed me that something was terribly wrong. Of course, I was wearing a dress.”

    As she walked away, she saw the man approach another female shopper.

    “He turned facing her, took his cell phone and slid it right under her dress, and at that point I just kind of grabbed the lady and said, ‘Can you step over here, I need to talk to you,’” the woman said.

    She called police but the man disappeared before officers arrived.

    "It just really makes you feel violated,” she said. "He never looked around to see if anybody was watching. It was as though he had done this a lot."

    Fort Worth police spokesman Sgt. Pedro Criado said detectives are investigating and reviewing surveillance video from inside the store.