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Fat Texas Cat Now 34 Pounds, Adopted by Vet

Cat weighed as much as 41 pounds



    East Lake Pet Orphanage
    Skinny, the sweet orange tabby cat with weight issues, has been adopted.

    An obese stray cat found wandering six months ago near Dallas has slimmed down to 34 pounds and been adopted by the veterinarian overseeing her care.

    Dr. Brittney Barton said Friday that the orange tabby dubbed Skinny is doing well on a special diet to help lose weight and increase her metabolism.

    Barton said she became attached to the onetime 41-pound cat she was treating at an animal orphanage and last month he became part of her family.  In November, the cat had already dropped to 37 pounds.

    Skinny joins Barton's husband, three children, a dog and another cat at the residence.

    Barton said Skinny gets along great with the other animals, can jump up on a couch and runs to her food bag at feeding time. She said the house has long hallways that provide good exercise for Skinny.