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False Fire Alarms Concern College Residents

Apartment complex searching for people who intentionally pull fire alarms



    (Published Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2012)

    False fire alarms have become a big concern for students living at the Sterling Fry Street apartment complex near the University of North Texas campus. Residents living there said someone keeps pulling the fire alarm, and it happens often.

    "The fire alarms go off probably once a day since we lived here," Sterling Fry Street resident Robert Green said.

    Green said apartment managers sent out an email to residents that said someone is intentionally pulling the alarms.

    "We just kind of take it like a joke. 'Oh, it will stop in a few minutes,'" Sterling Fry Street resident Heather Herod said.

    It may be a joke; however, the prank has turned into a concern for residents who live at the apartment complex.

    "There was a real fire, right over here, and my roommate is so used to the fire alarms going off that he just stayed in the apartment while there was an actual real fire," Green said. "The whole parking garage was filled with smoke, but he thought it was a fake fire alarm." 

    One resident said many of the false alarms happen between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. on weekdays and weeknights.

    "I know there are people that are very afraid," Green said.

    The apartment managers were unavailable for an interview with NBC 5, but in their email to residents, they asked for help identifying those responsible and said ,"Never assume any alarm is a false alarm. We understand that this could cause inconveniences, however, resident safety is a priority."