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Ex-Dallas Drug Informant Sentenced For Bogus Bills



    A former narcotics informant involved in the Dallas police fake-drugs scandal has been sentenced to eight years in prison for counterfeiting.

    The Dallas Morning News reported 52-year-old Enrique Martinez Alonso was sentenced Monday after pleading guilty to counterfeiting and immigration charges. He could have received a 20-year prison term for his pleas.

    Court documents show that in 2008, Alonso sold an undercover federal agent and an informant $9,970 in counterfeit bills for $400.

    He was arrested in March after being indicted in February after serving a five-year sentence for his role in a 2001 scandal that sent innocent immigrants to jail using faked drug evidence.

    A former narcotics officer, Mark Delapaz, went to prison after his conviction in the scandal.