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Egrets Shut Down Part of Park in Allen

Federally protected birds take over portion of Celebration Park



    (Published Wednesday, July 3, 2013)

    Part of an Allen park has been closed because of egrets.

    Fences block off the portions of Celebration Park that have been taken over by the federally protected birds.

    They can be seen in the trees and flying above, with countless feathers on the walking trail.

    "There are birds everywhere," said Ryan Smith, who was on the trail last week before it was closed. "The trees are covered with those egrets."

    Egrets are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918, so the area of the park where they are nesting is a protected zone.

    And it's not hard to figure out the birds are there.

    "The noise is very loud," Kahla Stapleton said. "We can hear it over the kids playing in the park. It is immense noise."

    The egrets won't be going anywhere soon. They will be in the park until the newborn birds are ready to fly away.

    Park regulars such as Smith will have to adjust to Celebration Park's temporary residents.

    "I guess we will make the trip closer to the park instead of making all the way outside anymore," he said.