Driver Slams Into Parked Fire Truck on Stemmons Freeway

Firefighters not injured in collision

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    No firefighters were injured when the driver of a pickup truck slammed into a parked firetruck on Stemmons Freeway.

    No firefighters were injured when a man suspected of drunken driving slams his pickup truck into a parked fire truck along Stemmons Freeway early Tuesday morning.

    The fire truck was parked on the highway working a motor vehicle accident near Royal Lane when firefighters spotted the pickup truck approaching with no headlights on.

    Rescuers took cover as the silver Chevy pickup slammed into the rear of the engine, causing major damage.

    The driver of the truck was transported to an area hospital with a fractured leg. 

    The fire truck is one of the newest engines in the department's fleet and had only been in service a short while, officials said.