Driver Not at Fault for School Bus Crash: Union

No serious injuries reported in crash

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    Keaton Fox
    The scene of the crash near Skillman Street and Royal Lane.

    Mechanical failure is being blamed for a crash involving two school buses earlier this week that sent 17 children to the hospital, according to a local union.

    United Labor Unions, the union for Dallas County School Bus Drivers and Monitors, said the driver of bus No. 727 "took every evasive and emergency action available to her but was unable to avoid the collision."

    The union issued the news release because they said they wanted the prevent the driver from being blamed for a mechanical failure.

    "The driver of the first bus has been warned not to talk publicly about this but we believe that all the facts should be made public to prevent the driver from being blamed for something that was not her fault," the union said in a news release.

    Bus 727 crashed into the back of bus No. 728 Tuesday near Skillman Street and Royal Lane.  In all, 17 students in grades 7-11 were transported to area hospitals.

    "There weren't very many serious injuries.  A lot of the transports occurred because a lot of the students obviously are minors.  At that point we don't leave anything up to interpretation. If they say they have an injury, they get transported," said Jason Evans, with Dallas Fire-Rescue.

    NBC 5 has reached out to DCS for comment on the status of the crash investigation.  As of this writing, they have not responded.