Driver Makes Own Drive-Through at Starbucks: Police

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    Frisco Police Department
    A McKinney man is accused of a hit-and-run on the front of a Frisco coffee shop.

    A Frisco Starbucks already had a drive-through window, but police say one driver made a much bigger one last week.

    A police officer responding to a disturbance in the 3500 block of Preston Road on Friday saw a pickup truck zoom by, dragging a chair and a table and showering sparks all over the road.

    Man Accused of Plowing Through Starbucks

    [DFW] Man Accused of Plowing Through Starbucks
    A McKinney man is accused of a hit-and-run on the front of a Frisco coffee shop. (Published Tuesday, March 30, 2010)

    The Dodge truck had plowed through the front of the coffee shop and ended up almost 20 feet inside the store. The damage was estimated at $80,000.

    "Usually there's people out on the patio, lots of people walking between Starbucks and Twin Peaks, so we are fortunate it was a little later," Frisco police Sgt. Adam Henderson said. "No one out there on the patio or in the store itself."

    Police caught up to the truck a few hundred yards away. Witnesses pointed out the driver and the passenger, and police were able to corral both men.

    "A lot of Good Samaritans out there (were) pointing out, making sure we knew who exactly it was. And they got to spend the night with us," Henderson said.

    The driver, Calvin McGowan, 19, of McKinney, faces driving while intoxicated and hit-and-run charges. The passenger, Richard Evans, 38, of Frisco, faces a public intoxication charge.

    In the dashboard-camera video from the police cruiser, McGowan can be seen falling down. He can be heard accusing officers of pushing him to the ground. The video doesn't seem to show the officers using force or pushing McGowan.

    A few seconds later, McGowan can be seen lifting his head and hitting it on the ground. He can then be heard shouting that the officers hit his head. The dash-cam video shows the officer more than four feet away from McGowan.

    Henderson said the dash-cam video shows the officers didn't use excessive force.

    Frisco police are investigating the possibility that McGowan, a minor, was served alcohol at a nearby restaurant. Henderson said the case will be referred to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission if the claim proves true.