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Drifter to Die Tuesday for Killings in The Colony



    Steven Woods says he was high on LSD when he and a friend killed and man and woman in 2001.

    Former drifter and self-described junkie Steven Michael Woods says he and a friend were both high on LSD when they drove to a remote road by a golf course in The Colony where they met a man and woman who were later gunned down.

    Woods, 31, said his friend, Marcus Rhodes, was the gunman and he had nothing to do with the murders of 21-year-old Ronald Whitehead and 19-year-old Bethena Brosz a decade ago in Denton County.

    Rhodes avoided a possible death sentence by pleading guilty and accepting a life sentence.

    Woods went to trial where a jury convicted him of capital murder and decided he should be put to death.

    His execution is set for Tuesday in Huntsville, though his lawyers are hoping the U.S. Supreme Court stops the punishment.

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