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Denton to Vote on Texting While Driving Ban



    (Published Tuesday, May 6, 2014)

    The Denton City Council could vote tonight to ban texting while driving in the city.

    A city spokesperson, Lindsey Baker, said the move is something the council has been discussing due to the dangers of using a cell phone behind the wheel.

    If it passes, the ban would include engaging in any activity on a mobile phone other than making a phone call.

    Baker said the penalty for using your cell phone while driving could be a $200 fine.

    However, the city said there would be an exemption which includes Interstate 35E and the freeway's frontage roads. Those roads won’t be monitored for texting while driving because so many people who live outside of Denton will be traveling those roads.

    If council votes in favor of the ban tonight, the new law will be enforced in 30 days.

    Another reason Baker said the city proposed the ban is due to the number of cyclists and runners in their community. They said the move would make the roads safer and protect other drivers, too.

    According to the Texas Department of Transportation, one in four car accidents is caused by a distracted driver.