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Dancing Flight Attendants Shake Up Safety Briefing



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    We've seen flight attendants sing or even joke to turn the passenger safety briefing into an on-board show. But this may be a first.

    Flight attendants on an airline based in the Phillipines are now rocking it out to Katy Perry and Lady Gaga as they demonstrate how to use the seat belts and life jackets. 

    A passenger captured the show on board a Cebu-Pacific Airlines flight and posted the video on YouTube. It's already racked up more than 5 million hits. 

    But according to Phillipines-based news website Batangas Today, the Phillipines flight attendant's union is not in favor of the hip-swinging demonstrations. The union said it is "deeply perturbed" by the video and said the performances will stereotype flight attendants as performers.

    On the flip side, when's the last time five million people acutally watched the safety demonstration?