Dallas Vows to Pick Up Feb. Storm Debris By Next Month

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    Dallas is hoping all of last month's storm debris will be picked up by April 10.

    Dallas officials say they hope all of last month's storm debris will be picked up by April 10.

    Piles of tree branches and leaves as high as 4 feet tall and as wide at 15 feet still litter several neighborhoods.

    Debris Still Sits Curbside

    [DFW] Debris Still Sits Curbside
    Weeks after a damaging winter storm swept through North Texas people in Dallas are still waiting for the city to pick up bundles of debris. (Published Wednesday, March 24, 2010)

    "It's not only unsightly, but I think it seems like it may be a health issue," said Jim Overton, who lives near NorthPark Center. "It may attract rats or rodents or who knows what."

    Ron Smith, assistant director for Dallas Sanitation Services, said crews picked up debris immediately after the big February snowstorm.

    He said he estimates crews have yet to pick up more than 50,000 tons of debris. Smith said most of it is likely from broken tree limbs that weren't yet trimmed when crews made their initial pickups.

    "We've brought in 15 new trucks, and I've got six additional crews that should start assisting as early as Friday," he said.

    But some residents say they are fed up with waiting for crews to pick up debris that has been sitting on their lawns for almost a month. Residents of one Oak Cliff neighborhood packed dozens of broken tree limbs onto the back of a Ford truck and hauled them off, fearing the debris could eventually turn into a fire hazard.

    Smith said he expects all of the debris to be picked up on schedule.


    "We picked up what was there," he said. "Folks were coming in and getting mroe debris directly behind us, so it's been out there 30-plus days."

    Smith said crews are working 12 hours a day, six days a week. And the city is hiring more help," he said.