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Dallas Police Sgt. Back on Duty After Administrative Leave Connected to D'Lisa Kelley Case



    (Published Tuesday, April 1, 2014)

    The Dallas Police Department confirmed Sgt. Kevin Mansell was placed on administrative leave last week, and said he was back on regular duty.

    Mansell was placed on leave in connection with the internal investigation into how the D'Lisa Kelley case was handled. Mansell serves as part of the communications department, which oversees the 911 center.

    D'Lisa Kelley was a pregnant mother who disappeared on March 7, on her way to a wake. Her body was found on March 14.

    The same night Kelley disappeared, a family member received a phone call where they could hear Kelley involved in some sort of dispute. She text them moments later telling them she’d call back soon.

    Kelley never called back, so the family, concerned about her safety, called 911. Kelley's family felt police didn’t handle their 911 call with urgency.

    Family members said they wish police would have met with them that night and put out an alert. The family said they conveyed how concerned they were and told police about the phone call where Kelley seemed in distress.

    “We don’t want to know nothing else, but who murdered her,” explained family friend Dominique Alexander.

    The family said knowing a sergeant was placed on leave does little to comfort them.

    “The grandmother,” Alexander said. “The only thing she repeats every day, if they just woulda’ came out on Friday my baby probably coulda’ been here.”

    Kelley leaves behind a 2-year-old son.

    “You never know what that first question may be about his mother, what will he ask?,” Alexander said.

    The family said that the Dallas PD's internal affairs division has scheduled a meeting with them on Wednesday.

    Kelley was laid to rest last Tuesday.