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Dallas Police Academy Instructor Placed on Leave, Accused of Altering Grades

Training officer allegedly falsified test results, tampered recruit's scores



    Jack Evans Dallas Police headquarters building.

    A police academy instructor has been placed on administrative leave, accused of intentionally failing a recruit on the academy’s driving test, just two weeks after Dallas Police Chief David Brown ordered a review of the department's training polices.

    Dallas Police Sr. Cpl. Manuel Sanchez is accused of tampering with the result of recruit Quxavier Taylor’s driving proficiency test, causing Taylor to fail. All recruits are required to pass this test in order to become licensed peace officers in Texas.

    In mid-April, Brown ordered that the department undertake a review of the Police Vehicle Operations course instruction and testing standards after the Dallas Police Association alleged that recruits were allowed multiple opportunities to take the test until they passed. This is a violation that should have led to the termination of a recruit.

    After examining Dallas Police Academy records on Wednesday, Texas Commission on Law Enforcement auditors allege that Sanchez changed Taylor’s grades and caused him to fail the driving portion of the academy exam.

    The department continues to review training standards and as a result of the TCOLE discovery, the department plans to review the driving test scores of all recruits at the academy.

    An internal affairs investigation has been launched regarding Sanchez’s alleged tampering with the recruit’s test scores.