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Dallas Driver Hit by Robbery Suspects

Driver, all three suspects escape without major injuries



    (Published Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2012)

    An uninvolved driver was hit head-on during a police chase that ended in a crash in Dallas.

    Dallas police say a green sedan matched the description of a car used in a robbery early Tuesday afternoon. Officers tried pulling the car over on a routine traffic stop, but the driver sped away from police heading north in the southbound lanes of the Cedar Crest bridge.

    "I saw him coming up my way the wrong way, so I tried to weave to the right and he ran right into me," says driver Lewis Whitemon.

    Whitemon was on his way to visit family when he saw the wrong way driver speeding toward him.

    "The only thing I could think of was just to get out of the way," says Whitemon.

    The suspects hit Whitemon head-on causing his airbags to deploy.

    He has a few minor scrapes and bruises but considers himself fortunate to have walked away virutally unscathed.

    "Sore right here on my neck and my back, and I was, it just happened so fast, you know? It was the good Lord. It was nothing but Jesus. He kept me covered," says Whitemon.

    His girlfriend's new car is a different story. She picked it up from the dealership Monday and just 24 hours later, it will need extensive repairs.

    Based on scanner traffic overheard by NBC 5, one of the suspects apparently tried to jump off the bridge before they were apprehended after the crash.

    Dallas police have not released the names of the three suspects arrested at the scene or the charges they will be facing.

    NBC 5's Greg Janda contributed to an earlier version of this report.