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Dallas Planners Oppose Concrete Crushing Plant



    (Published Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2012)

    Dallas city planners are urging the city council Wednesday to close a concrete crushing plant called Orange Crush near Walnut Hill and Stemmons Freeway.

    The company is asking the city to allow it to stay in business for another five years.

    "Staff did recommend denial because we have been working with this applicant to relocate their business since 2006," said Dallas Planning Director Theresa O’Donnell.

    The plant at 10801 Spangler Road is directly across the road from the city’s new Elm Fork Soccer Complex, which is due to open within months.

    Taxpayers invested more than $33 million to turn the old landfill into an athletic site where the city hopes to host national and international competitions.

    Concrete crushing involves heavy truck traffic and it produces dust, which does not mix well with soccer according to O’Donnell.

    "So, we'd like to make sure that when the soccer complex is open and ready to have the kids running around and playing, that it will be safe and the rock crusher will have been relocated at that time," she said.

    Company officials did not return messages Tuesday.

    The city council vote on Orange Crush has already been delayed three times this year.

    It is item 68 on Wednesday’s agenda, set for a public hearing and council vote after 1 p.m.