Dallas Officer Faces Investigation Over Rap Video

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    A Dallas police lieutenant whose officer husband was killed on duty three years ago is on administrative leave as officials investigate her side job as a rapper. Lt. Regina Smith performs as Lucille Baller, and in one song threatens to shoot anyone who messes with her.

    The Dallas Police Department has launched an internal investigation into a high-ranking lieutenant over a video posted on her record company's website.

    Lt. Regina Smith, who oversees two police units, also runs music production company and independent record label Big Rush In. Smith started the the company after the 2009 death of her husband, Sr. Cpl. Norm Smith, who was nicknamed the "Big Russian."

    Regina Smith performs as rapper Lucille Baller and, in one song, threatens to shoot anyone who messes with her.

    The Dallas Police Department is investigating whether any content on Big Rush In's website may have violated its general code of conduct.

    Dallas Officer Faces Investigation Over Rap Video

    [DFW] Dallas Officer Faces Investigation Over Rap Video
    The Dallas Police Department has launched an internal investigation into one of its high-ranking lieutenants.

    In the video on the website, Smith shows off her gun, which she calls "Ms. Lucy."

    "I've got Ms. Lucy right here," she says in the vidoe. "Ms. Lucy isn't loaded."

    Smith then dry-fires the weapon several times and claims she's strengthening her trigger hand.

    The website was shut down Wednesday afternoon and has a notice that says it's "under construction."

    In the video promoting her rapper alias, Smith talks with friends about breaking into the music business and warns anyone who might mess with her, pulling out a shooting target.

    "I'm not here to play with these young'uns," she says. "If they think they're going to take advantage of me, they've got another thing coming. It's quite a different world than the police world. And you know what I'll do if someone try to take advantage of me? You see this bullet right here? I'll stick it from their rooter to their tooter and bring it out."

    The public grieved with Smith when her husband and fellow police officer was killed in the line of duty. He was shot and killed while he and other gang-unit officers attempted to serve an aggravated assault warrant.

    The picture of the red-headed aspiring rapper is much different than the grieving widow seen in 2009.

    Eerily, her video begins with officers shouting, "Dallas police, Dallas police. Open the door!" Then gunfire erupts.

    Smith also explains how hard it's been dealing with her husband's death.

    "Since that day, my life has been in a state of depression and grief over losing him. The devastation I feel over losing Norman has not dissipated," Smith said before she went on to criticize the department for not standing by her. "I have been alone as far as support from the department. I have not been alone when it comes to my friends."

    Dallas police said Wednesday morning that Smith has been placed on paid administrative leave until the investigation is over and until the department decides if she will face any discipline.

    Sources say that images depicting officers, the DPD logo and such could result in a reprimand of some kind.

    A second Dallas police officer listed on Big Rush In's website as an artist works out of the Southwest Division. He is not facing any investigation or discipline.

    NBC 5's Randy McIlwain contributed to this report.