Dallas, Fort Worth Furlough Employees Wednesday

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    Most city services will resume normal operations Monday.

    If you have business with the cities of Dallas or Fort Worth, you'll want to take care of it by the end of the day Tuesday.

    City employees in both cities are getting unpaid days off Wednesday in an attempt to curtail a budget shortfall.

    In Dallas, City Hall, municipal courthouses, libraries, cultural and recreation centers will be closed.

    In Fort Worth, most city offices will be closed until Monday. Libraries will close Wednesday through Friday, but the Central Library in downtown Fort Worth will reopen Saturday.

    The unpaid furlough day does not apply to emergency services. Dallas City Manager Mary Suhm said services such as fire, police and garbage pickup will operate as normal.

    The Fort Worth Convention Center will be closed until Tuesday.

    Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief said the unpaid day off is painful for the workers, but said it's better than having to lay off employees.

    "I think our employees understand they got a job, and that's a lot more than a lot of people out here can say." Moncrief said.

    When asked about the money coming to the city from the Barnett Shale, Moncrief said the money doesn't go to day-to-day business.

    "This council, as policy, decided that these dollars would only be used for capital projects, single-use expenditures, not for ongoing projects or salaries," he said.