Dallas Co. to Swine Flu: Get Off the Bus

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    Bus operators are cleaning the inside and outside of their busses.

    Dallas County health officials are trying to keep the swine flu from seeping into the county on bus lines.

    Officials were at several bus lines that carry passengers to and from Mexico daily.

    Dallas Co. to Swine Flu: Get Off the Bus

    [DFW] Dallas Co. to Swine Flu: Get Off the Bus
    Dallas County health officials and bus operators are trying to stay one busload ahead of swine flu.

    "We want to make sure we present the information as they arrive. You're right, they're coming in 24-7." said Zachary Thompson, Dallas County Health and Human Services director. "We want to make sure that we're protecting not only them, but also the citizens of Dallas County."

    Thompson was out at the El Conejo bus service in South Dallas, handing out fliers. Many of the passengers getting off the bus were coming from Mexico and  were wearing masks. But one man wasn't.

    Get the Swine Flu Lowdown

    [DFW] Get the Swine Flu Lowdown
    Separate fact from fiction about the swine flu.

    "I had my jacket on the whole time, cause there's a lot of people on the bus breathing," said Rene Lopez, of Fort Worth.

    He had just stepped off the bus after a nine-hour ride.

    "I didn't even know when I went over there that it was happening, until I got over there, and I started noticing everybody walking around with masks," Lopez said. "Nobody told me nothing before I left."