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Dallas Backyard Slips Away in Landslide

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    Omar Villafranca, NBCDFW.com
    Terry Palmer's backy yard washed away after several steady days of rain.

    Landslides don't just happen in California. Ask Terry Palmer.

    The southwest Dallas resident's backyard washed away Monday, after several steady days of rain. Palmer estimated that tons of dirt flowed away from his porch and ended up almost 20 yards away, leaving a 12- to 15-foot drop near his balcony.

    "All of this has to come down, period," said Palmer, pointing to the retaining wall that couldn't hold the dirt back.

    His backyard landscaping and new deck are now almost one story below, crumpled into a heap.

    "It's like investigating a disaster," Palmer joked as crawled through the debris in his backyard to survey the damage.

    Palmer said he doesn't think his insurance will cover the damage.

    The landslide has exposed the piers that make up the foundation of his home, but Palmer said he isn't too worried.

    "I have confidence that if this old house was going to fall off, it would have already fallen off," he said. "I have to believe in something, and I believe that house is not going to fall off there."

    Palmer shared a retaining wall with a small Dallas park, but the wall is busted now. Palmer said he hopes the city takes notice so the wall doesn't collapse on anyone in the park.

    "It needs to be -- probably needs to be -- closed down (with) some red tape across it," he said.