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Dallas '666' Vandal Caught on Video



    (Published Thursday, July 3, 2014)

    Dallas police are getting closer to finding the "666" suspect who spray painted that numbers across buildings and monuments in Dallas.

    The first three surfaced in Oak Lawn and targeted the gay and lesbian community. But now, police have confirmed he has hit 11 different locations.

    “I don't remember anything like this happening in Dallas, at least in my recent history,” said Rafael McDonnell with the Resource Center, which is a LGBT community center in Dallas. “And I’ve been involved in the community 22 to 23 years.”

    The Resource Center’s youth facility, the Cathedral of Hope Church and the Legacy of Love monument were all vandalized.

    “There’s an LGBT thread even through those locations that you would not normally think of as being LGBT specific,” said McDonnell.

    The vandal expanded past the LGBT community as well, tagging the “666” on the former Texas Book Depository, the Sixth Floor Museum and City Hall.

    The motive behind the vandal is not totally clear.

    But now police have surveillance video of the culprit in the act and they said they have a much better idea of who they are looking for.

    “It could have been a gang, it could have been teenagers, we don't know what we were dealing with,” said Lt. Jimmy Vaughan with the Dallas police. “But now we know we're dealing with one individual.”

    Police said the vandal is a 6-foot tall white man, who was wearing a dark hat, a dark jacket and tan cargo pants. He was riding a mountain bike, which might mean he lives in the general area where his targets are located.

    “He targeted specific groups,” said Lt. Vaughan. “The gay and lesbian community, the church, all these are tied in. When you do something to this magnitude, yeah we take it very seriously. This is a hate crime.”

    Police said the cameras were about 100 yards away from the suspect. They are working on enhancing the quality of the image to better identify their suspect.

    Officers said the video is too grainy for them to release to the media at this time.