DPD Release Video of Liquor Store Burglars

Dallas police hope the surveillance video will help find the suspects

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    Dallas police hope the surveillance video of an April 30 burglary at the Speedy Beer and Wine store on the 1900 block of Singleton Boulevard will help find the suspects. (Published Friday, May 10, 2013)

    Dallas police have released surveillance video of two brazen burglars who went to extreme measures to break into a Dallas liquor store last month. 

    It happened April 30, at about 3:50 a.m. at the Speedy Beer and Wine store on the 1900 block of Singleton Boulevard. 
    In the video released by the Dallas Police Department, you can see the suspects tie a rope to the front doors of the business, the other side of the rope is connected to a truck. 
    The video shows the suspects pulling away, tearing down the doors. 
    Two men then enter the building with cardboard boxes. Once inside, they fill the boxes up with an undetermined amount of cigarettes, lottery tickets, wine and then leave the store.
    Employees want other business owners in the area to be aware of the thieves. 
    “I really want to say, I mean tell everybody who works overnights just to be careful. These people are really crazy. They know we have cameras everywhere and still they are doing it over and over and over again,” said employee Rajan Machamasi. 
    Employees estimate this is the third time the men have attempted to break into the store. 
    Dallas police describe one suspect as a black man wearing dark pants and a maroon hoodie. 
    A second suspect is described as a black man wearing a black coat, white baseball cap, long blue jean shorts and black shoes. There is at least one more suspect driving the vehicle and could possibly be more.
    Anyone with information regarding this offense or the suspect, please contact Detective Kenneth Ellis at (214) 670-7470.