Chuck Norris Doesn't Play a Texas Ranger; He Is a Texas Ranger

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    Actor Chuck Norris beats up the bad guys on the popular show "Walker, Texas Ranger," and now the martial arts expert and humanitarian is one in real life.

    Gov. Rick Perry designated Norris and his brother, stunt coordinator and producer Aaron Norris, honorary Texas Rangers.

    Chuck Norris, Official Texas Ranger

    [DFW] Chuck Norris, Official Texas Ranger
    Actor Chuck Norris played "Walker, Texas Ranger" on TV, on Thursday Gov. Rick Perry made him an honorary Texas Ranger, along with his his brother, stunt coordinator and executive producer, Aaron Norris. (Published Thursday, Dec. 2, 2010)

    "I'm proud today to name them honorary Texas Rangers," Perry said.

    Norris thanked the real Rangers for their hard work to keep citizens safe and said this was one of the highest awards he could receive.

    Chuck Norris Reveals His Favorite Chuckism

    [DFW] Chuck Norris Reveals His Favorite Chuckism
    There's a long list of Chuckism's floating around cyberspace, but what is Chuck Norris' favorite Chuckism? (Published Thursday, Dec. 2, 2010)

    "It's been an incredible run; I wouldn't have it any other way," he said.

    Norris showed off his new badge and said he has a special place for the award.

    "Just to be able to get this honor today, my ranch has a museum, and everybody will get a chance to see it," he said.

    The television show, in which Norris played Texas Ranger Cordell Walker, ran for nearly a decade on CBS in the 1990s. But odes to his unscathable toughness live on thanks to one-liners -- "Chuck Norris doesn't do pushups, he pushes the earth down" -- splashed across the Internet.

    In 1990, Norris established a foundation to use martial arts to help children avoid the temptations of gangs and drugs. There are about 6,500 youths in the program, he said.

    Perry said he and his wife, Anita, consider Norris and his wife, Gena, personal friends, as he thanked him for bringing renewed attention to Texas Rangers with his portrayal of "an iconic Ranger, a character who was observant, meticulous and honorable in every way.

    "People may whisper about his super powers, but the greatest power of Chuck Norris is his integrity," he said.

    The Associated Press' Linda Stewart Ball contributed to this report.