Caught on Tape: Man Hit by SUV

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    Take a look at the video above. Be warned: you hear a bad word when the guy gets hit. Did you see it?  

    I know.  Ouch!

    CAUTION -- PROFANITY: Camera Catches Pedestrian Hit by Car

    [DFW] CAUTION -- PROFANITY: Camera Catches Pedestrian Hit by Car
    CAUTION: PROFANITY: A witness' camera records a pedestrian hit by a car while crossing an intersection. (Published Thursday, Jan. 27, 2011)

    Believe it or not, this guy limped away with just a scratched knee, according to Farmers Branch Police.

    Robert Merrigan, a viewer, sent the video from a camera he has mounted on his van.

    (Because it seemed unusual, I asked him why he had a camera mounted on his van. Merrigan’s response: “Always nice to have a silent witness. I keep it as I am afraid someday I will be on the receiving end of a distracted driver.”)

    The Farmers Branch Police Department said the unidentified man was crossing the street when the pedestrian sign was red.

    The woman in the red sports utility vehicle told police she didn’t see the man and hit him.

    No citations were issued. Police let the man chalk the experience up to a lesson learned. 

    “Maybe someone will watch, think about it and put the phone down while driving next time,” Merrigan said.