Burleson Student Warning Prompted by Misunderstanding

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    NBC 5 News

    The Burleson Police Department says the investigation into reports of an unknown man approaching a third-grader is closed.

    The city said in an email to the media Friday that a man came forward and told police he saw signs up in the neighborhood about a lost dog and when he saw the child, followed by her mother, he stopped to ask if she had lost a dog.

    The mother of a student from Bansom Elementary reported to police that the man asked the girl initially if she had lost a puppy. The child said no, the mother says the man drove off as she walked up to his car.

    The Burleson Independent School District sent a letter home with students about the incident on Jan. 16.

    Burleson now says the case is closed and police say it was just a misunderstanding.