Burglars Target High-End Restaurant Parking Lots

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    A written warning about a rash of car break-ins greets customers at the door of Maguire's in far North Dallas.

    Mark Maguire, owner of the restaurant, said nine of his customers' cars have been broken into in the past nine days.

    Car Burglars Hit Restaurant Parking Lots

    [DFW] Car Burglars Hit Restaurant Parking Lots
    A North Dallas restaurant owner says nine cars have been broken into in the past nine days. (Published Monday, July 18, 2011)

    "It's really a problem that started very recently," he said.

    Surveillance cameras captured two burglaries just before noon Monday.

    "It looks like he tries to break the front window, can't get in there, breaks the back window, and his legs go up in the air as he's reaching in to get what he's going for," Maguire said.

    In that case, the burglar ended up with an empty laptop case. But the second victim wasn't as fortunate.

    "Unfortunately, that person was leaving for the airport after lunch, so they got their suitcase and their laptop," Maguire said.

    Dallas police said the parking lots of other nearby high-end restaurants are also popular targets for car burglars.

    Steve Ewing returned to his car in the parking lot of Maguire's after he saw the warning on the restaurant's front door.

    "I had 3 iPads in my car," he said. "I figured I better come back and get them before they came up missing."

    Maguire said until police catch the burglars, it's up to his customers to take precautions.

    "It's almost impossible to stop, because it takes them less than a minute to get in and out of a car," he said.

    Maguire has called a special meeting with Dallas police at his restaurant at 3 p.m. Thursday. He has invited other restaurant and business owners in order to come up with a plan to try and stop the car burglaries.