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Bond Reduced for Man Accused of Shooting Boy in the Face



    (Published Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2013)

    The bond for Brian Cloninger, the man accused of shooting 8-year-old DJ Maiden in the face, has been adjusted once again.

    Cloninger's previous bond was set at $1 million in cash, or $5 million if he used a bail bondsman. On Monday, that was reduced to $500,000 in cash or $2.5 million in assurity.

    During Monday's bond hearing, attorneys argued that Cloninger's wife, Marti Cloninger, was "less than candid" with the family's financial information when she took the stand at a previous bond reduction hearing, but that there was no evidence she lied specifically that the family was not trying to raise money.

    On the conditions of Monday's bond, Cloninger must surrender his passport and would be confined to his home except for 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Friday for work. He would be required to wear an electronic bracelet that would monitor his blood alcohol level as well as his location.

    Cloninger would not be able to leave Dallas County and would have a "no contact" order with any juvenile under the age of 17.

    NBC 5 asked Roy Williams, a friend of the victim's family, if the boy understands he may have to testify in a trial against Cloninger.

    Williams said they haven’t broached that subject with DJ yet, because he’s still too afraid that Cloninger is going “to come back and get him.” He said DJ hasn’t returned to school yet and isn’t living a “normal childhood life” at this time.