Body Building Grandmother in Hospital After Purse Robbery

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    A victim of a violent robbery is spending her 65th birthday in the hospital after refusing to hand over her purse. The parking lot attack happened around 2:00 p.m. Monday afternoon at the Chase bank at the corner of Preston and Beltline Roads in far north Dallas.

    A robber grabbed Ronnie Harrison by her purse strap as she went to get in her car. Harrison had just withdrawn $3500 cash inside the bank.

    Body Building Grandmother in Hospital After Purse Robbery

    [DFW] Body Building Grandmother in Hospital After Purse Robbery
    After refusing to hand over her purse, a former body builder will spend her 65th birthday in a hospital. (Published Monday, Feb. 21, 2011)

    “He grabbed me and spun me around and I was on the ground,” said Harrison, who turns 65 years old on Tuesday. “He was dragging me across the parking lot,” she said.

    Harrison is stronger than the typical grandmother. The former professional body builder and personal trainer said it wasn't until the robber dragged her across the entire length of the parking lot, that she gave up her fight.

    “I finally thought to myself, 'this is stupid,'” said Harrison. “I opened my arm up and let the purse go.”

    As she waited for her family to take her to the emergency room, Harrison said her shoulder and arm hurt, and her knee was skinned up. “I’m alive, I’m good,” said Harrison.

    Now the grandmother hopes to be back home to celebrate the remainder of her birthday with her grandchildren.

    Dallas police say they'll be working with Chase bank to see if there's surveillance video of the attack.