Blogger Injured by Propeller Penning Memoir

Autobiography due out in November

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    Lauren Scruggs, the fashion blogger and model who walked into a moving airplane propeller, is writing an autobiography due out in November. (Published Wednesday, May 16, 2012)

    Lauren Scruggs, the fashion blogger and model severely injured by an airplane propeller last winter, is authoring a book.

    Scruggs is penning her autobiography and she tweeted a picture of the cover earlier this week.

    In the photo for the cover, Scruggs' bangs cover her left eye -- which she lost in the accident along with her left hand.

    Scruggs also tweeted that she is "humbled and thankful to share the story God has chose 4 me."

    Her book, 'Still Lolo, The Inspiring True Story,' is scheduled to be released in November.