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Benbrook Woman Beaten, Bound in Home Invasion

Three arrested in connection with aggravated robbery

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A Benbrook woman was hospitalized on Tuesday after two men broke into her home, hit her and bound her up inside. (Published Wednesday, June 12, 2013)

A Benbrook woman was hospitalized on Tuesday after two men broke into her home, hit her and bound her up inside.

It happened before 10 a.m. in the 4000 block of Winding Way near Ridglea Country Club.

Benbrook police said a neighbor called to report a suspicious vehicle and person across the street from his home. When the first officer arrived, it was clear there was trouble.

"The first officer on scene tried to approach the vehicle, and the occupants of the vehicle jumped out and ran," Officer Sandy Eubanks said.

The officer lost sight of the man, losing him in a nearby wooded area. It took officers from both Benbrook and Fort Worth about an hour to find him in a nearby business park on Vickery Boulevard.

But what they found inside was the most troubling event of the day.

"Inside, they found the homeowner had been struck and bound by two adult males," Eubanks said. "She required medical treatment and was transported to a local hospital."

The homeowner was treated and released. A neighbor told NBC 5 that the same homeowner had been robbed in the middle of the night just a few months ago.

Benbrook police confirm only one other burglary in their jurisdiction in that area this year.

But both Benbrook police and residents say there have been several other break-ins and even home invasions in the neighborhood in Fort Worth's jurisdiction.

"Absolutely brazen -- thank goodness it doesn't occur all that often, but the homeowner was certainly victimized by these two," Eubanks said.

Other neighbors said word of the home invasion quickly traveled through the area, with everyone concerned for the resident and grateful for her neighbor.

"Yes and the neighbors in that area, and most areas in Benbrook that are home during the day, are usually pretty vigilant and are good about giving us a call when they see something that looks unusual," Eubanks said.

Police said later Tuesday that two additional men were detained and taken into custody in connection with the home invasion.

Benbrook police encourage residents to report suspicious vehicle and persons in their neighborhoods.