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911 Call: Cleburne Man Attacked by Bees

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    Tim Graham/Getty Images
    A swarm of bees stung an 83-year-old Cleburne man hundreds of times Monday.

    An 83-year-old Cleburne man is in the hospital in serious condition after a swarm of bees stung him hundreds of times.

    Cleburne Fire Chief Clint Ishmael said the man was mowing his lawn when a hive he keeps in his back yard reacted to the noise and attacked him in the 1100 block of West Chambers Street.

    Bees Attack Cleburne Man

    [DFW] Bees Attack Cleburne Man
    A swarm of bees stung an 83-year-old Cleburne man hundreds of times. (Published Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2009)

    Emergency crews said the man frantically called 911 when the bees attacked him and then tried to get them off of him with a water hose. (Click here to hear the 911 call)

    EMTs and firefighters showed up minutes later and tried to help the man, but they were stung multiple times. Finally, firemen used their gear to try and help the man.

    "My crews, when they arrived on scene, they pulled a hose and were able to spray foam on the man to try and knock some of the bees off," Ishmael said.

    It's not exactly clear what kind of bees attacked the man, but Ishmael said he is pretty sure he knows what kind of bees they were.

    "I can tell you from dealing with those kinds of bees in the past, the behavior is indicative of an Africanized colony," he said.

    The man was taken to the hospital. Three firefighters and two EMTs were stung. Both EMTs were stung at least 20 times each, but are expected to recover.