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Arts District Says Museum Tower Glare an Issue for Entire Neighborhood

District's executive director says glare is "not just an issue of two buildings"



    (Published Thursday, July 11, 2013)

    The Dallas Arts District is also calling for a solution to the glare from Museum Tower.

    The luxury condominium and the Nasher Sculpture Center have been feuding for more than a year about the sunlight reflected off the 42-story building's glass.

    The Nasher has maintained that Museum Tower needs to shade its glass, but the condo building last month suggested that the museum change its roof shade system.

    However, the Dallas Arts District says the glare is a problem for the entire neighborhood.

    "The glare and heat impacts residents throughout downtown, office workers throughout downtown and pedestrians," said Catherine Cuellar, Dallas Arts District executive director. "It's not just an issue of two buildings -- it affects the entire neighborhood and entire community."

    Cuellar is calling on city leaders and developers to move toward a resolution that everyone can be happy with.

    "I propose leadership stepping up and considering other solutions," she said.

    Cueller said the dispute overshadows all the good throughout the arts district.

    "Until this gets solved, that's what people are talking about instead of all the things our city is doing right," she said.

    Museum Tower, which is owned by the Dallas Police and Fire Pension System, paid consultants to test approximately 22 potential fixes for the glare.

    "After spending more than $1 million on work and engineering studies, the only solution that our experts found to eliminate reflected light in the Nasher Sculpture Center was a slight adjustment to the oculi screen on the Nasher roof, and we've offered to pay for it," the building's owners said.

    "We will continue to look for new, innovative solutions to address Museum Tower's glass surface, but, today, the technology does not exist to remedy the situation," said George Tomasovic, Dallas Police and Fire Pension System chairman, and Dan Wojcik, vice chairman.

    Last month, the Nasher rejected Museum Tower's proposed solution, saying the glare is an issue for the entire Dallas Arts District.

    "The bottom line is that the owners of Museum Tower need to fix their building," Nasher spokeswoman Kristen Gibbons said a statement last month.

    Meanwhile, the mayor's office is also calling for a solution, saying it is "way past time" for the City Council representatives on the pension board, including Mayor Mike Rawlings, to find a resolution.

    "If our arts district is grow into a healthy neighborhood and strong community for arts and residents, all parties must come with a healthier attitude to resolve this issue," Paula Blackmon, the mayor's chief of staff, said in a statement.