Arrests of 2 DPD Officers Have Far-Reaching Implications

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    The arrests of 2 Dallas Police officers will likely mean some of the people they have arrested will walk free. So far, the Dallas County District Attorney's office has dismissed 60 cases, involving the embattled officers, and are expected to dismiss even more. (Published Monday, March 4, 2013)

    The arrests of two Dallas police officers accused of falsifying records will likely mean some of the people they have arrested will walk free.

    Randolph Allen Dillon and Jon Llewellyn are charged with tampering with or fabricating physical evidence and aggravated perjury.

    So far, the Dallas County District Attorney's Office has dismissed 60 cases involving the embattled former officers and is expected to dismiss even more.

    "I have a client that has two cases; one of the two has been dismissed," attorney Cynthia Barbare said. "We fully expect the other to be dismissed."

    Barabare helped free two wrongly convicted men during the city's infamous fake drug scandal in 2001.

    "It's sad to see this again," she said. "You would think that, from years ago, when all this was such news, it would have gotten people's attention that, 'Hey you can't do this.'"

    Dillon and Llewellyn arrested her client, Hector Hernandez, in southwest Dallas last summer.

    "They walk up and look in the vehicle and they allegedly see a gun and drugs in plain view," Barbare said. "It was just really suspect to us from the beginning."

    Dallas police started investigating Dillon and Llewellyn late last year after a judge ruled that they repeatedly lied during court testimony.

    The Dallas Police Department fired Dillon and Llewellyn on Friday.

    "While I don't look forward to taking disciplinary actions on officers, it is necessary to maintain the public's trust and confidence," Police Chief David Brown.

    Dallas police say internal investigators found that Dillon and Llewellyn lied in court and falsified police records in a major December 2011 drug bust. They are also accused of falsifying records in an October 2012 heroin arrest.

    Both former officers were hired in April 2009 and were assigned to the Southwest Division.