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Arlington Warrant Roundup Aims to Clear 146,000 Warrants

Roundup to run through Aug. 3



    If this happens to you at work -- it's generally frowned upon.

    The Arlington Police Department began a warrant roundup Monday to clear some of the 146,000 outstanding Class C misdemeanor warrants.

    Wondering if you have an outstanding warrant in Arlington?  City officials mailed about approximately 20,000 letters to offenders warning them of the upcoming roundup.  If you still aren't sure, or if you want to see if you have any friends or family on the list, you can see a list of all Class C misdemeanor warrants here.

    Officials warn that arrests can occur in the home or, more embarassingly, at the workplace, or wherever scofflaws are found to be hiding out.

    Violators are encouraged to clear their warrants to avoid arrest.  The city of Arlington is happy to take your payment over the phone, online or in person at the court or any of the authorized payment centers.

    The roundup will run through the end of the week, Aug. 3.