Arlington Surveillance Video Shows Would-Be Burglary

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    Police say two men who were caught on surveillance video trying to break into a South Arlington home last week may be connected to similar burglaries in the area.

    The surveillance footage shows two men approach the front door. One of them takes a small, handheld device out of a box and uses it to dislodge the lock from the door.

    "This method of operation to gain entry into these homes is something we've seen in some other commercial burglaries in the area, so it's a trend we've seen," police spokeswoman Tiara Ellis Richard said.

    In the last month, a handful of businesses have been burglarized. Police said they do not know if the two men in the video are involved in the other burglaries.

    Surveillance Video From South Arlington Home

    [DFW] Surveillance Video From South Arlington Home
    Police say the two men in the video may be responsible for other burglaries in the area.

    "You don't see them rushing, you see them moving pretty methodically," Richard said. "They fit into that neighborhood. They were very casual, very comfortable. They had on jeans. One had a baseball cap on."

    The homeowner's alarm system went off, scaring away the would-be burglars before they stole anything. They can be seen on the video walking away from the home toward a pickup truck.

    "These images from this residential home are very clear, so we're hoping that someone will look at this image and say, 'Hey, I know this individual, and call the police," Richard said.