Arlington Police Chief Works Because of Photo Caption Contest

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    Arlington Police Dept.
    "No jelly in the donuts? Looks like it's burglar for lunch again," was the photo caption that won Officer Brandon Evans Christmas evening off, Chief Will D. Johnson will work his Christmas shift for him (inset).

    Arlington's police chief will report to duty Christmas Day to work the evening shift for an officer who won a photo caption contest.

    Chief Will D. Johnson announced the holiday photo caption contest in early November for evening shift officers.

    The rules were simple, officers would write a caption for a picture of K-9 officer Mojo standing between boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts and a would-be burglar running away with a TV.

    Johnson's two daughter picked the winner.

    East Patrol Officer Brandon Evans won the contest with the caption, "No jelly in the donuts? Looks like it's burglar for lunch again."

    Johnson will report to duty at 2 p.m. Wednesday so that Evans can enjoy the day at home with his family.

    "My hope is that each and every one of my officers will accept this small gesture as my appreciation for what they do for both our community and the department each and every day," said Johnson in a news release.