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Free Toilets to Flush Water-Hogging Thrones



    Julie Ten Eyck (JTeffects),

    The city of Arlington wants its residents to stop flushing money down the toilet and has an incentive to reach that goal.

    To help curb the flow of wasted water, the city will give away 500 water-saving toilets to replace models made before 1992. 

    To snag a free throne, eligible residents must pre-qualify on the city's website before the Sept. 25 giveaway.  To qualify, you must live in Arlington (duh) and have an account with Arlington Water Utilities that is in good standing.  The toilet being replaced must also use more than 1.6 gallons per flush.  (Read more here at the city's website.)

    In addition to saving water, the toilets will also save families an estimated $90 a year.