Arlington Buying Out Homes Along Flood-Prone Rush Creek

Many homeowners say city's offers are too low

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    Nearly seven months after the remnants of Hurricane Hermine flooded their homes along Rush Creek in Arlington, some homeowners have accepted buyouts from the city.

    The city is offering to buy a total of 51 single-family homes along the flood-prone creek, but only 14 homeowners have taken the city up on on the offer.

    Flooded Arlington Homes and Condos to Receive Buyout

    [DFW] Flooded Arlington Homes and Condos to Receive Buyout
    Only 14 homeowners take up the city's offer to buy their homes along Rush Creek, but most others aren't so sure it's a good deal. (Published Tuesday, March 22, 2011)

    "Some of the owners have reached the conclusion to accept the offer from the city; some are still working through the information that we presented them," Deputy City Manager Bob Byrd said.

    Many of the homeowners say the offers are too low.

    "We can't come close to replacing what we have, so I guess we stay and hope it doesn't flood again," Paula Barry said.

    But the city said the offers are non-negotiable.

    Arlington is also offering to buy the entire Willows At Shady Valley Condominiums, where some residents climbed on rooftops to escape the rising floodwaters in September.

    Owners say the city is offering $4.2 million for the entire complex -- or an average of about $42,000 for each of the 100 units.

    "I have a unit that I put several thousand -- $25,000 on a remodel," condo owner Rebecca Ringer said. "Forty-four thousand is way less than i have in my particular unit."

    All 65 condo owners must accept the city's offer, or there's no deal.

    The buyouts are part of a larger $16 million bond package for flood control throughout the city, but they are expected to take up the bulk of the money.