Another Dallas Office Building Receives Letter Containing White Powder

White powder determined to be harmless

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    A white powder found inside an envelope at a Dallas office building on Wednesday turned out to be dish detergent. (Published Wednesday, May 29, 2013)

    A white powder found inside an envelope at a Dallas office building on Wednesday turned out to be dish detergent.

    At about 9 a.m., Dallas Fire-Rescue was called to investigate an envelope containing white powder with blue crystals that was found at the Energy Square Two building on the 4800 block of Greenville Avenue.

    Two 6th floor mailroom employees came into contact with the substance and were isolated for examination, as well as nearly two dozen others who were in the room at the time. No one showed any symptoms of having been exposed to a hazardous material, according to Jason Evans, with Dallas Fire-Rescue.

    Hazmat teams conducted an analysis on the material and determined it to be dish detergent with blue crystals.

    Employees received the all-clear to return to the building at about 10:15 a.m.

    "We don't have the details who sent this, why it was sent.  We're not releasing any information whether it was sent to anyone specifically.  If it is a joke, it's dangerous. One, it costs the city a lot of resources, and a lot of money, and it puts lives in danger," said Evans.

    A letter containing white powder was received by a business at the Lincoln Plaza Building in Downtown Dallas on Tuesday.  Preliminary testing by Dallas Fire-Rescue determined the material to be hazardous, though further testing was needed to determine exactly what the powder was.

    Letters containing powder invoke fear after five people were killed and more than a dozen were injured when letters laced with anthrax spores were mailed to offices in the days and weeks after Sept. 11, 2001.

    Since then, hundreds of hoax letters have been received nationwide at schools, banks, hospitals and other businesses. Though the vast majority of white powder letters have been harmless, anyone receiving a white powder letter is advised to evacuate the area and call 911.