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Alleged Serial Robber in Police Custody

Police detail incidents leading to man's arrest



    Dallas police say Eric Keng, 20, tried to carjack three people and rob a store before leading police on a chase that ended when officer deployed stop sticks. (Published Wednesday, July 11, 2012)

    We now know the name of serial robbery suspect who led police on an overnight chase Wednesday morning.

    Investigators believe Eric Keng, 20, targeted several victims in North Dallas late Tuesday night trying to rob a business and steal cars.

    Alleged Serial Robber in Police Custody

    [DFW] Alleged Serial Robber in Police Custody
    Investigators believe Eric Keng, 20, targeted several victims in North Dallas late Tuesday night trying to rob a business and steal cars.
    (Published Wednesday, July 11, 2012)

    A worker at the Gas Pipe Smoke Shop said the man who robbed the store is a customer.  Witnesses said he came in armed with a gun and a golf club.  Police believe it’s one of several crimes Keng committed along Marsh Lane Tuesday night.

    Officers said stopping Keng wasn’t easy.  His face was all red and his eyes were swollen after police said they had to use pepper spray to arrest him. 

    Alleged Serial Robber in Custody

    [DFW] Alleged Serial Robber, Carjacker in Police Custody
    An alleged serial robber led police on a car chase that ended with a crash and one officer injured Tuesday night. Dallas police believe the man is responsible for at least six robberies and a carjacking.
    (Published Wednesday, July 11, 2012)

    The chase from Garland ended at Highway 80 at Interstate 30 near the Dallas-Mesquite border.

    Officers used a spike strip to blow out a tire.  Keng crashed into a guardrail, and police said he tried to run away.  It took several officers to take him down to the ground. 

    During the arrest, one officer broke his arm in the struggle.

    “It’s scary, too,” said Hyunju Kim, who worries about protecting her own business.  She works at Lee’s donut shop three doors down from the Gas Pipe smoke shop that was robbed. 

    A worker at Gas Pipe said just before 11 p.m. Tuesday, Keng walked in demanding “one of everything” in the store and started grabbing merchandise off the shelf.

    The employee knocked the gun out of his hands and recognized Keng as a frequent customer.

    Witnesses told police he appeared to be confused and began crawling around the store before running out the back door.

    A short time later, police said Keng carjacked a Jeep at a nearby gas station.  The driver told police he went into the convenience store to ask the clerk to turn on the air pump.  The driver said he returned to the Jeep and found Keng was inside of the SUV.  The owner struggled with Keng and tried to stop him. 

    The driver told police Keng threatened him with a gun, so he let him drive away.  

    Officers spotted him in the stolen SUV near LBJ and Northwest Highway.  Keng refused to stop and a chase began.  Police said they ultimately brought Keng’s alleged crime spree to an end.

    Minutes before the Gas Pipe robbery, two other drivers report to police that Keng tried to steal their cars, Both cases were on Marsh Lane.

    In one case a driver said Keng hit his car with a golf club.  He got out of the car to confront Keng and Keng said, “Give me your car!”  The man said as he drove away, Keng shattered his windshield with the club.

    Keng is now in jail facing aggravated robbery charges.