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Last week, as most parents were sending their kids back to school, Kristie Reeves-Cavaliero, of Austin, scrolled through the Facebook photos of her friends, flipping through pictures of cute kids clutching new lunchboxes and backpacks.

For Cavaliero, it is times like these that can be the hardest.

Her daughter, Sophia Rayne Cavaliero – or Ray Ray, as they always called her – would have been 5 years old this year and starting kindergarten. She died just 10 days after her first birthday, the victim of a tragic accident.

It had been a busy morning. Cavaliero, her husband and daughter had woken up late and they were rushing to get out the door.

Her husband was to drop Ray Ray off that day, and the child fell asleep in the backseat of the truck.

At the bottom of the hill, where he should have taken a left and headed to daycare, Cavaliero's husband instead took a right and headed to work.

It is a moment they have replayed over and over in their minds.

"He could not see her, and he could also not hear her," said Cavaliero. "So by the time he got to his office he didn't even recognize that she was still in the truck."

When they found Ray Ray three hours later, she had already passed away.

The Cavalieros had tried for a long time to have a baby.

"She was a very much a wanted child," said Cavaliero. "That's why it was just so devastating to us. My husband, especially, worshiped this child."

They did all the right things. They childproofed the house. They had their car seat installed appropriately. They took parenting classes.

"We just had no idea that this could even be a possibility," said Cavaliero. "And it happened to us."

It was in the dark hours in the days after Ray Ray's death, when Cavaliero was sick with grief and couldn't sleep, that she discovered something. After spending hours on the Internet researching hot car deaths, she noticed, "case after case sounded almost exactly like ours. Hauntingly like ours."

According to researcher Jan Null, with San Jose State University, more than half of children who die in hot cars are forgotten by their caregivers. Most of the victims are less than 3 years old.

Null says Texas leads the nation in the number of deaths of children in hot cars since 1998. That's when children were first required to be seated in the backseat and vehicular heatstroke deaths began to spike.

It's stories like the Cavalieros' that prompted Texas lawmakers to take action, and HB2574 was signed into law. Starting Tuesday, in addition to providing new parents with information about dangers like sudden infant death syndrome, hospitals will also be required to tell them about vehicular heatstroke.

Baylor Scott & White Medical Center at Irving already has a program in place. It was inspired by nurses five years ago.

"They had seen some of these events and the news, and they thought, 'What could we do to teach our parents or to prevent this?'" said Anne Tudhope, director of women and infant services at Baylor Irving.

The nurses came up with a bear keychain that stays in your car. When you drive, the bear stays on your keychain. Then, when you take your kids out of the car, you attach the bear to the seat. That way, if you are walking out of the car and you notice the bear still on your keychain, it will remind you to check the backseat.

There are other ways to do something similar. Putting something like a wallet or your cellphone next to a child's car seat can be a reminder. Even a parent's shoe would work. Experts suggest each parent texting the other after day care drop-off. Or have your day care call you if there is a sudden unexplained absence.

There are also gadgets on the market, such as Bee Alert. It attaches to the inside of your car door, and when the door is opened, the alarm reminds parents to check their car seat. It's about $20.

Free apps that you can install on your phone can also help.

As for Cavaliero, she and her husband now have twin daughters who are 3 years old. She keeps the last toy that Ray Ray played with next to her seat belt as a reminder to check the backseat whenever she's driving with her girls.

Cavaliero worked tirelessly to help get the new law passed and educate parents through a non-profit called "Ray Ray's Pledge."

"We made a commitment to her that we would do everything we could that other children did not suffer the same fate as hers," Cavaliero said.

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<![CDATA[AA Flight to London Returns to D/FW Over Mechanical Issue]]> Tue, 01 Sep 2015 23:14:41 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/AAA-777-01.jpg

An American Airlines flight from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to London Heathrow Airport turned around and headed back to D/FW Tuesday due to a possible mechanical issue.

A spokesperson for the Fort Worth-based airline said an indicator light in the cockpit alerted pilots to a possible issue onboard the Boeing 777.

Flight 78, with 246 passengers and a 14-member crew, landed safely and taxied to the gate, where maintenance workers were inspecting it for any problems.

"We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience," the airline spokesperson said in a statement to NBC 5.

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<![CDATA[Farmers Branch to Vote on Plan for Gun Range by School]]> Tue, 01 Sep 2015 22:40:15 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/westwood-school.jpg

The Farmers Branch City Council is expected to vote on whether to allow a gun range to be built near a school.

Texas Legends wants to convert an old post office at 14202 Proton Road into an indoor shooting range that would sell and rent guns.

The proposed location, though, is 330 feet from The Westwood School with a clear line of sight. The school has an enrollment of 240 students from 18 months old to high schoolers.

Supporters of the plan say the range would teach gun safety.

Opponents say they just learned about the plan and need more time to evaluate safety and property value. More than 1,500 people have signed a petition asking the council to table or vote against the plan, and bus loads of students and their parents arrived to speak at Tuesday's city council meeting.

"We're concerned about the location. We're not opposed to the gun range, not opposed to guns. We teach the Second Amendment. It's about the location and the possibility something could go wrong," said Heather Lourcey, principal at The Westwood School.

"We are building a safe clean family friendly range inside a building with 1-foot thick concrete walls," Greg Taggart with Texas Legends said in a statement. "The building was built to be blast resistant and it is bullet proof. The air handling and filtration system meets EPA OSHA and NIOSH standards. There will be no lead or noxious fumes emissions. The noise is contained INSIDE the 12 inch thick concrete walls and will be undetectable at 382 feet away. This facility will be safe clean environmentally friendly."

NBC 5's Anthony Kiekow and Kevin Cokely contributed to this report.

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<![CDATA[UTA Police Investigating Armed Robbery on Campus]]> Tue, 01 Sep 2015 18:49:53 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/UTA.jpg

During the first few days of the fall semester, students at University of Texas at Arlington have a lot on their plates. The last thing they want to worry about is crime on campus – but that's what they were alerted to Monday night.

"I hope it doesn't happen to me," said Thomas Olsen, a first-year student at UTA. "I hope the person is OK, who it happened to. I'm making sure I'm staying out of that area for a while."

In a campus-wide bulletin, UTA Police informed students they're investigating an armed robbery that took place in Parking Lot 50, which is on the south side of campus.

A student told them two men approached him in the parking lot at around 5:30 p.m., then pulled out a handgun and demanded his personal items.

The student gave the suspects what they asked for, and he was not hurt.

The suspects then drove away.

UTA Police say they will step up patrols around campus.

"I hope some of the students around here pay better attention and this doesn't happen again," said Olsen.

Olsen said he'll be paying attention to his surroundings. But he stressed he still feels very safe at school.

"It's a good campus," said Olsen. "There's fairly decently police in the area."

UTA Police are encouraging students and staff to remain vigilant and to walk to and from their vehicles in groups. If students want to avoid walking to parking lots alone, particularly at night, they can call UTA Police at 817-272-3381 for a free security escort.

Back in May, three separate armed robberies were reported near campus. When asked if there may be any connections to this most recent case, UTA Police said those three cases are under investigation by the Arlington Police Department and they could not comment.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call UTA Police.

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<![CDATA[Officers Say DPD Body Camera Plan Too Small, Too Slow]]> Tue, 01 Sep 2015 22:52:10 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/body_camera_video_3_1200x675_516158531788.jpg

On Monday, the Dallas Police Department began rolling out 200 new body cameras to record what officers see confronting citizens.

Officials hope to add a total of 1,000 devices within five years.

The leader of the largest Dallas police union said the program is too slow and too small.

“The citizens of Dallas want us to have these body cameras now. The officers want the body cameras now. We don’t need to be waiting five years,” Dallas Police Association President Ron Pinkston said.

The 200 new Axon cameras from the Taser Company replace a smaller number by other manufacturers that were tested by DPD the past two years. Some officers also purchased their own cameras and those officers will be among the first to get new Axon replacements so video storage methods are consistent.

“All the data will be automatically stored for a period of 90 days,” said Deputy Chief Andrew Acord. “In the circumstance where it has been tagged for some type of evidence or investigative purpose, it will be held as long as would be appropriate.”

The expense of video storage is part of what makes the body camera program expensive. Acord said money is a major challenge for the body camera program.

“This is a very, very expensive proposition, so we’re constantly looking for funding,” he said.

A 1,000 camera program with “cloud” video storage would cost Dallas $3.7 million. The city has money enough for 400 cameras now.

The cameras will gradually be sent to officers as video storage capability is arranged at substations.

Officers under scrutiny for disciplinary issues will be among the first to receive body cameras.

“This will enhance our opportunity to document critical incidents. It will enhance officer safety. It will enhance courtroom testimony, which we think will turn into more convictions,” Acord said.

Pinkston said officers who don’t immediately receive body cameras from the department can purchase their own for $400 with the department picking up an additional fee for licensing the device.

“It does seem unfair to the officers,” Pinkston said. “If you’re saying here’s a tool that we can keep you safe, that can bring transparency to our department, it seems like we should be doing it all now.”

By comparison, the smaller Fort Worth Police Department already has 500 body cameras in use.

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<![CDATA[North Texas Family is a House Divided]]> Tue, 01 Sep 2015 19:58:55 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/Notre+Dame+Longhorns+family.jpg The University of Texas Longhorns take on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish this Saturday in Indiana on NBC 5. For one very large North Texas family, the game has special meaning.

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<![CDATA[Caterpillar Infestation Damages North Texas Trees]]> Tue, 01 Sep 2015 19:38:53 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/caterpillar1.jpg

If your hackberry trees are in rough shape this year don't blame your green thumb, because something else is laying waste to them across a large portion of the Metroplex.

Experts at the Texas A&M Agrilife Extension have identified a species of caterpillars that are infesting the trees through much of southern Denton County and into parts of Tarrant and Dallas counties.

Dr. Michael Merchant said his team has found trees in bad shape from North Richland Hills into the Lewisville Lake area, and as of Tuesday as far north as Corinth.

The small, green caterpillars are about a half-inch long and leave behind a silk.

In addition, they're also chomping the hackberry leaves and leaving only a skeleton of the leaf behind and the overall tree an eyesore.

According to Janet Laminack, from the Denton County Extension Office, the caterpillar is not known for being a pest and doesn't even have a common name they know about, only the scientific title Sciota celtidella.

At this point Merchant's team has captured some of the caterpillars and are monitoring them to see what kind of moth they eventually turn into.

The extension officers expect the caterpillars will move on as they transform and likely not return to the area next year.

As for the trees though, it's unknown what the caterpillar damage will leave in the long term.

Merchant said the hackberry trees have been wildly grown in the North Texas area for millennia, and he expects them to bounce back from the infestation.

Laminack, though, said trees that were already stressed could be in trouble as they try to recover from the situation.

She suggests watering your hackberry trees an inch every week to give them a better chance and add mulch or organic material as well. She also said that if there is still green on the tree, owners can spray for the caterpillars to deal with the problem.

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<![CDATA[Fort Worth Proactively Capturing Feral Hogs]]> Tue, 01 Sep 2015 17:55:02 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/feral_hogs_815.jpg

As we get into the cooler months of the year that means you'll have a greater chance of seeing feral hogs across North Texas.

But no matter the weather, Fort Worth Code Compliance Animal Care & Control wildlife officers are hard at work trying to stop them before they become a real nuisance in neighborhoods.

"It's a year round battle," said Barry Alexander, code compliance supervisor.

The front line in that battle can be found on the Fort Worth, Arlington border not far from River Legacy Park. It's where Fort Worth wildlife officers have set up a large trap hoping to catch feral hogs as they migrate near the river and before they ever reach someone's yard.

"The goal is to catch them before they come into the neighborhoods and do significant damage like they did," Alexander said.

Four years ago, the wild boars tore up yards in the Riverbend Estates neighborhood, but there's a good reason why they haven't been heard from lately.

"We've probably trapped around 400, so we've made a pretty significant dent," Alexander said.

The city hired two wildlife officers dedicated to the feral hog problem and other urban wildlife. The officers visit traps like the one near the park almost daily. They lure in the hogs with feed and loose dirt that they like to roll around in. Officers use game cameras to see how many are using the corrals before setting up a trip wire to capture as many as they can at once.

"We're trying to catch them while they're migrating through the area," Alexander said.

Traps are also set up closer to neighborhoods too, especially if residents spot hogs. But there hasn't been much need to trap in neighborhoods lately because of the proactive approach.

Last fall a single hog was tearing up yards in The Bluffs neighborhood at Heritage Trace Parkway and North Beach Street. The hogs can cause thousands in yard damage.

"They're just a pretty destructive animal," Alexander said.

While cooler months are when the hogs appear most, two were caught in August and seven back in July. That's proof the hunt for hogs never ends, despite the success of so many hogs already captured.

"I think we've saved a lot of property a lot of damage," Alexander said.

Feral hogs can have litters of six to as many as 13 every three and a half months. Once the feral hogs are captured they're then humanely euthanized.

To report feral hogs or any animal problem, call the code hotline at 817-392-1234.

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<![CDATA[Plano Man Sentenced in Fake Disney Park Scheme]]> Tue, 01 Sep 2015 18:04:54 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/AX070_40C8_9.jpg

A Plano man has been sentenced to 17 and a half years in federal prison for duping investors into believing he had inside information about a Walt Disney theme park and resort project in North Texas, which turned out to be fake.

Thomas W. Lucas, Jr., 35, of Plano, was convicted in February of seven counts of seven wire fraud counts and one count of making false statements to the FBI.

Court documents show from from 2006 to 2010, Lucas devised and executed an elaborate scheme to defraud 280 investors out of approximately $20 million. The US Attorney's Office says Lucas pocketed approximately $450,000.

In court documents, the investors said Lucas showed them fake and forged artist sketches, maps, site plans and other documents related to "Frontier Disney Dallas-Fort Worth" to dupe them. The investors planned to flip the land to developers at a profit when the Disney announcement was made.

The Walt Disney Co., which has its headquarters in Burbank, California, repeatedly denied rumors that it planned to build a theme park in North Texas. However, prosecutors said Lucas told potential investors he had a secret source who tipped him off about the theme park.

Prosecutors said the identity of Lucas' secret source varied depending on who he spoke to. When the FBI confronted Lucas about the scheme, he falsely blamed a man he previously met at a methodone clinic -- that man is now dead.

Numerous partnerships, joint ventures and limited liability companies were set up to begin acquiring land in the area. In court, the value of the land purchased was subtracted to determine the overall loss which was approximately $20 million.

The 65 investors who invested in options to purchase land lost all of their money, which was slightly over $8 million, and received no interest in land.

Lucas was ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $8,456,360.00 to the people who invested in options to purchase land. He was immediately handed over to the U.S. Marshals Service. 

CLICK HERE to read more from our media partners at The Dallas Morning News.

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<![CDATA[Fort Worth Neighborhood on Edge After Five Burglaries]]> Tue, 01 Sep 2015 17:27:19 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/fw+breakins.jpg

A south Fort Worth neighborhood is on edge after several recent burglaries and attempted break-ins.

"I am scared," said Charles Neal, who has lived in the area for eight years.

Neighbors on Deniro Drive, Pacino Drive and Elvis Court say life is not the same after five reported burglaries.

One woman is moving out after someone broke into her house and took five televisions.

The thieves are kicking in doors and breaking windows to get everything out, especially electronics.

"It is getting ridiculous around here. It is crazy," said Greg Franklin.

Franklin has a background in security and often sits outside, looking for anyone suspicious. This weekend, he came home and saw his back door had been kicked in. Sadly, he was not too surprised. His televisions, laptops and video game systems were gone.

"I'm scared to go to work because my mom and my aunt are here when I'm not here," said Franklin.

His neighbor, David Sowell, is staying home with his family, too.

"Not only am I worried for myself, I'm worried for my kids, for my neighbors, a little bit of everybody," said Sowell.

They describe the neighborhood as a family, with everybody looking out for each other. Police tell NBC 5 right now there are no suspects in the thefts.

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<![CDATA[Man Arrested for Deadly Shooting in Crowley]]> Tue, 01 Sep 2015 17:23:04 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/wall+crowley.jpg

Police said they found a 24-year-old man dead at a Crowley home after a woman claiming to be his wife reported that he had been shot several times Monday night.

Crowley police said they received an emergency call at 9:13 p.m. from a woman who said her husband — later identified as Steven Scott — had been shot at their home in the 700 block of Meadowlark Circle.

Police and paramedics responded and found Scott lying on the floor of the residence with what appeared to be multiple gunshot wounds. Police said Scott was transported to Texas Health Huguley Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Scott's wife was home at the time of the shooting, but police did not say whether she witnessed it.

On Tuesday afternoon, Crowley police arrested Justin Lee Wall, 33, and charged him with murdering Scott. His bail is set at $150,000.

Crowley police said the incident is their first murder investigation of the year. 

NBC 5's Jeff Smith and Holley Ford contributed to this report.

Photo Credit: NBC 5 News
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<![CDATA[Woman Injured By Foul Ball Warns Others]]> Tue, 01 Sep 2015 20:13:57 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/Foul-Ball-Warning-090115.jpg

A single mother of two is recovering after a line-drive foul ball hit her in the face.

Dana Mattay frequently attends RoughRider minor league baseball games at Dr. Pepper Ballpark in Frisco, Texas in part because she loves the family atmosphere.

She says she was celebrating starting a new job as a school counselor at Gunstream Elementary in Frisco, as well as celebrating back to school for her children when she headed out to the ballpark on Friday, August 14, 2015.

What happened at that game changed everything in an instant.

“I remember hearing, you know, the bat hit the ball, I remember hearing that but then the next thing I remember is just like I said, it was almost like it was in a little tunnel it happened so fast,” Mattay said.

She believes she had just bent over to pick up some popcorn and was coming back upright when she was struck in the face between the eyes by a line-drive foul ball.

“In that split second I was like, 'Ok, I’m alive. I’m going to get through this. I’m going to be positive. God saved me.' “In my life, I’m going to keep moving forward,” Mattay said.

Later, when the swelling subsided, it revealed the damage was significant. A week after she was hit, Mattay underwent nine hours of reconstructive surgery to prevent internal problems that could affect her breathing.

Mattay tells NBC 5 they removed part of her rib to use in the reconstruction of her face.

Nearly three weeks after the accident, Mattay remains incredibly positive and is overwhelmed by an outpouring of love and support.

“I have been beyond humbled and I don’t have words to express the extreme gratitude that I have for everyone who has stepped in and picked up my kids, taken care of them, stayed with me, stayed with them,” Mattay said.

Her family says her surgery cost $96,000, and while she has health insurance, it may not pay.

Her sister has set up a GoFundMe account for Mattay to help with medical bills and missed work during her recovery.

Mattay wants her story to bring more awareness to what can happen at the ballpark.

She tells NBC 5 she doesn’t fault anybody, and says the Frisco RoughRider organization has been great.

The RoughRiders released the following statement to NBC 5:     

“The RoughRiders have been in regular, direct and personal contact with the family of the fan injured by a foul ball during our August 15 home game. Whenever there are ballpark accidents that result in injury, we try to establish and maintain a close relationship and line of communication with the individual and their family.” 

Mattay says this won’t stop her from attending RoughRider games in the future, but after everything she has endured, she thinks ballparks, not just in Frisco, but everywhere, could use more netting to help keep fans safe.

More: GoFundMe - Dana Mattay's Foul Ball

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<![CDATA[Love Field Plaque to Mark LBJ Oath of Office Location]]> Tue, 01 Sep 2015 16:04:30 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/lbj-sworn-in-af1.jpg

A bronze plaque will mark the location where President Lyndon B. Johnson took the oath of office at Dallas Love Field Airport to become the 36th president.

The oath was administered on Nov. 22, 1963, aboard Air Force One following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in downtown Dallas.

Historian Farris Rookstool III, a former FBI agent who became an expert on the assassination of President Kennedy, determined the exact location where Air Force One was parked on the Tarmac at Love Field at the time Johnson was sworn into office, and on Thursday morning, officials will dedicate a marker that denotes that location.

A duplicate marker will be placed in the Love Landing area of the terminal building, so visitors can read about the fateful day's events.

The ceremony Thursday begins at 9 a.m. at Love Landing by the window overlooking the terminal.

Photo Credit: LBJ Library Photo by Cecil Stoughton]]>
<![CDATA[Playing Hooky No Longer a Crime in Texas]]> Tue, 01 Sep 2015 18:27:14 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/truancy+court.jpg

As of Sept. 1, 2015, skipping school is no longer a crime in Texas.

The legislature decriminalized truancy after critics pointed out Texas prosecuted more children for playing hooky than every other state combined and made the problem worse.

Schools are now required to intervene to keep students in school, but public school districts won’t get any more money to do it.

The criminal records of those charged with truancy will now be erased, allowing them a fresh start.

"I think sending a kid to criminal court for truancy is egregious on its face,” said Morgan Craven, director of the nonprofit public interest group Texas Appleseed.

She and others pushed for the change.

"This was necessary because we saw so many Texas children and families who were being negatively impacted by the old law, which criminalized truancy,” she said.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins also supports decriminalization but worries schools can't fight truancy on their own with no increase in their budgets.

"What everybody in this system wants is for these children to stay in school and graduate,” Jenkins said. "We need to do more to adequately fund our schools including programs like this."

Abram Herrera, 18, a former student at Sunset High School, is like many teenagers who skipped school.

He admits he often missed morning classes because he slept late.

"I was late to school, oh my God, like 20 times,” he said.

With so many absences, he was called into truancy court and charged with truancy, a misdemeanor.

"I just got scared the first time I got called to court because I didn't know what was going to happen,” he said. “I thought I was going to go to jail."

He didn't get locked up but he was fined $375, which his parents made him pay himself.

"This actually worked for me,” he said.

Herrera said getting hauled into court got him back on track. He finished school and recently picked up his diploma.

But he worries about other students who skip classes under the new system.

"I'm thinking there might be a lot of dropouts,” he said.

Herrera plans to attend El Centro College soon to study nursing.

"Right now, I just look back and I learned my lesson,” he said.

Photo Credit: NBC 5 News]]>
<![CDATA[Lockdown Lifted at Arlington's Moore Elementary]]> Tue, 01 Sep 2015 16:46:11 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/mary+moore+es.jpg

A precautionary lockdown has been lifted Tuesday at an elementary school in the Arlington Independent School District.

Police were called just after 2 p.m. to Mary Moore Elementary located on 5500 Park Springs Boulevard in southwest Arlington to help look for a student with special needs who got upset and hid from teachers.

At one point, that student even got up into the ceiling of the school, officials said.

They lifted the lockdown just before 3 p.m., but there were still a lot of police at the school when parents arrived for pick-up.

Photo Credit: NBC 5 News
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<![CDATA[New Bag Policy for SMU Home Football Games]]> Tue, 01 Sep 2015 16:38:26 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/SMU-fans-with-a-flag.jpg

SMU football fans will have to adhere to a new bag policy when attending home games in Dallas.

As of the 2015 college football season, all bags brought into Gerald J. Ford Stadium must be clear plastic, vinyl or PVC.


The bags may not exceed 12 x 6 x 12 inches in size.

A one-gallon clear plastic freezer bag is allowed.


Small clutch bags, approximately the size of a hand, will be permitted.

The following items are prohibited from entering Ford Stadium:

  • Purses
  • Coolers
  • Briefcases
  • Backpacks
  • Computer and Camera Bags
  • Cinch Bags
  • Diaper Bags
  • Fanny Packs
  • Luggage of any kind
  • Seat cushions that have zippers, pockets, or compartments
  • Outside food or drink (one sealed bottle of water permitted)
  • Umbrellas
  • Laser pointers
  • Noise makers
  • Footballs or throwing objects
  • Radios (except pocket size with headsets
  • Animals (except those assisting disabled guests)
  • Firearms, weapons, or knives of any kind

Fans entering Ford Stadium are subject to bag checks and wanding before entering the stadium.


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<![CDATA[Blue Bell Now Producing Ice Cream in Oklahoma]]> Tue, 01 Sep 2015 16:39:23 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/Cookies-n-cream-blue-bell.jpg

Blue Bell Creameries say they've begun ice cream production at their creamery in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

The company tweeted Tuesday they were excited to announce they began production and that they hoped the additional products would help meet the "overwhelming consumer demand" since they returned to market the day before, Aug. 31.

The company did not say which flavors were being produced in Broken Arrow or where they'll be shipped and sold. The company has also not yet confirmed when the products will be available in North Texas.

Blue Bell recalled all of its ice cream products and halted production of their entire line earlier this summer after listeria contamination. The source of the listeria contamination was never found.

“We are pleased to be producing ice cream in Broken Arrow,” said Blue Bell CEO and President Paul Kruse in a statement released Tuesday. “We are humbled by the incredible customer loyalty we have seen, and we thank our customers for their continued patience as we work through the process of resuming production and getting back into stores.”

Blue Bell said Monday they notified the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry on Aug. 14 that they intended to resume production at their Broken Arrow factory soon. Production in Oklahoma will be on a limited basis while "the company seeks to confirm that new procedures, facility enhancements, and employee training have been effective."

Additionally, Blue Bell said the products produced in Oklahoma will be released for sale only after tests confirm the products are safe for consumption.

There is no firm date for when ice cream from the Broken Arrow facility will be available for sale, Blue Bell said.

“We have been working diligently to prepare the Broken Arrow facility to resume production and, based on our experience at our Sylacauga, Ala., plant, we anticipate that our new procedures and enhancements will also be effective in Oklahoma,” said Greg Bridges, vice president of operations for Blue Bell. “We are excited to begin producing ice cream in a second facility to better meet the demand of consumers and we are extremely grateful for the incredible patience and loyalty our customers have shown to Blue Bell.”

Blue Bell's facility in Alabama began producing ice cream in July and was used to stock store shelves in Houston, Austin, Brenham and parts of Alabama.

There is no word yet on when the facility in Brenham will resume production. Blue Bell said Tuesday that facility is still undergoing upgrades similar to those made in Alabama and Oklahoma.

Photo Credit: Blue Bell/Instagram
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<![CDATA[ERCOT Expects Plenty of Power Available in Fall, Winter]]> Tue, 01 Sep 2015 12:26:04 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/power_lines_generic1.jpg

Texas should have sufficient electricity generation to serve peak demands in the fall and winter months, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas says.

ERCOT, which operates the power grid that serves most of the state, released its seasonal assessment Tuesday.

"As we head into the fall and winter seasons, ERCOT expects to meet systemwide peak demands in a broad range of operating conditions," said Director of System Planning Warren Lasher. "Because weather conditions and resource availability vary widely during these months, actual peak demand conditions could fall in the more extreme scenarios we study for this season."

ERCOT bases their seasonal assessment on forecasts and average weather patterns while considering emergency scenarios that include abnormal periods of high demand or outages at generation plants.

"We have seen some unusual weather patterns associated with warm ocean temperatures, but I currently expect somewhat average weather this fall, with the possibility of below-normal temperatures and above-normal precipitation in most of the state," said ERCOT Senior Meteorologist Chris Coleman, describing the warm ocean temperatures associated with an El Nino.

In Texas, an El Nino typically means cooler temperatures in the winter and fall and more precipitation -- if the temperatures are cold enough, that could mean more snow or ice in the winter months.

In North Texas, an average of 2.5 inches of rain can be expected from an El Nino event, in other parts of the state, the numbers vary from 2 to 5 inches, according to the National Weather Service.

"With more than 77,000 megawatts (MW) of generation available overall, ERCOT expects to be well-prepared for the anticipated peak demand of just under 50,000 MW this fall. One MW of demand is typically enough to power about 500 homes during mild weather conditions and about 200 homes during summer peak demand," ERCOT said in a news release Tuesday.

ERCOT added that power plants requiring maintenance are typically taken offline in the fall when demand is lower and that it was common to lose 9,000 MW of generation during maintenance periods.

Even during extreme conditions, ERCOT expects to have sufficient capacity to serve customers during times of peak demand.

The all-time winter peak demand record of 57,265 MW, set in February 2011, was nearly matched in January 2014. Conditions that occurred during the 2014 weather event are reflected in the extreme scenarios included in the preliminary winter seasonal assessment.

A final seasonal assessment will be released Nov. 3.

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<![CDATA[Nowitzki Makes Final Run at Olympics]]> Tue, 01 Sep 2015 11:52:35 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/82378666.jpg

Mavs owner Mark Cuban cringes at the thought of the political and patriotic ramifications.

No, not Donald Trump running for president. His players representing their countries in International tournaments before NBA training camp.

Cuban doesn’t like his players risking their health and the status of their full-time employers to play for their countries for free, but over the years he’s learn to cross his fingers and swallow his frustration. No different this month, as J.J. Barea, Dwight Powell and, yep, even star Dirk Nowitzki again suit up for their national teams.

Powell, likely an end-of-the-bench reserve for Dallas next season, will play for Canada in the 2015 FIBA Americas Championship as it tries to qualify for next summer’s Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Same for Barea, who will attempt to lead Puerto Rico to an Olympic berth. He had 20 points and 10 assists in his country’s opening-game loss to Argentina this week.

Powell and Barea will be opponents on Friday when Canada and Puerto Rico square off in the final game of the first-round round robin format.

And then there’s Nowitzki and his 37-year-old body, attempting yet again to lead Germany to the Olympics. The Germans missed out on the 2012 Games in London, and Dirk promised to help his country make one more run before hanging up his sneakers. He was the MVP of the 2008 qualifying tournament and was selected as Germany’s flag-bearer in the Opening Ceremonies in Beijing that summer. Their road to Rio, however, will be difficult as they try to qualify from a group of countries that include sudden basketball powers such as Spain, Serbia and Italy.

As Paul George and his knee injury during U.S. National Team tryouts proved last summer, career-threatening injuries can happen anywhere, anytime.

We all – even Cuban – agree that there’s nothing like playing for your country. But here’s hoping the Mavs playing in the global tournaments are more healthy than successful.

A native Texan who was born in Duncanville and graduated from UT-Arlington, Richie Whitt has been a mainstay in the Metroplex media since 1986. He’s held prominent roles on all media platforms including newspaper (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Dallas Observer), radio (105.3 The Fan) and TV (co-host on TXA 21 and numerous guest appearances, including NBC 5). He lives in McKinney with his wife, Sybil, and two very spoiled dogs.

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<![CDATA[Service Friday for Boy Killed by Brain Infection]]> Tue, 01 Sep 2015 11:30:08 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/vlcsnap-2015-08-31-16h58m19s64.jpg

A service will be held at a Houston-area church to remember a 14-year-old swimmer who died after contracting a brain infection linked to a rare amoeba.

Michael Riley Jr. died Sunday. A memorial service was scheduled Friday night at Sugar Creek Baptist Church in Sugar Land.

Relatives said the boy developed a headache and became disoriented after swimming with his cross country team Aug. 13 at a lake north of Houston.

He was diagnosed with a rare type of encephalitis, called primary amebic meningoencephalitis (PAM), caused by the Naegleria fowleri amoeba.

Associate Pastor Clif Cummings said Tuesday that Riley was not a Sugar Creek Baptist Church member but earlier attended church camp and made lots of friends.

Cummings said the teen took part in church activities several weeks before the unrelated outing in which he became sick.

More on Naegleria fowleri from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

Naegleria fowleri (commonly referred to as the "brain-eating amoeba" or "brain-eating ameba"), is a free-living microscopic ameba*, (single-celled living organism). It can cause a rare** and devastating infection of the brain called primary amebic meningoencephalitis (PAM). The amoeba is commonly found in warm freshwater (e.g. lakes, rivers, and hot springs) and soil. Naegleria fowleri usually infects people when contaminated water enters the body through the nose. Once the ameba enters the nose, it travels to the brain where it causes PAM, which is usually fatal. Infection typically occurs when people go swimming or diving in warm freshwater places, like lakes and rivers. In very rare instances, Naegleria infections may also occur when contaminated water from other sources (such as inadequately chlorinated swimming pool water or heated and contaminated tap water) enters the nose. You cannot get infected from drinking water contaminated with Naegleria.

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<![CDATA[Police Dog Escapes Handler, Found Near Schools]]> Tue, 01 Sep 2015 12:00:46 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/police-dog-found.jpg

Police said they safely found a Farmer's Branch police dog that had escaped in Plano Tuesday morning.

Plano Police Department's David Tilley said something "spooked" the dog, causing it to run away when its handler — a Farmer's Branch police officer — arrived at his Plano home.

Police located the dog at about 7 a.m., less than an hour after after it went missing.

Three nearby Plano Independent School District campuses — Bowman Middle School and Barron and Memorial elementary schools — were on alert while the dog was missing.

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<![CDATA[Man Shot in SUV With Child Inside, Drives for Help]]> Tue, 01 Sep 2015 11:20:45 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/Scyene-shooting.jpg

Police said a man who was shot in an SUV with his child inside drove to a nearby fire station for help Monday night. [[323566851,C]]

Dallas police said the 26-year-old man was driving with his son, who was in the front passenger seat, to meet up with the boy's mother. He saw a gray Pontiac near the intersection of Scyene and North Prairie Creek roads that he thought belonged to her at about 10:40 p.m.

When the man pulled up next to the Pontiac, he exchanged words with driver. A person in the back seat then rolled down the window and fired a handgun at the man, striking him once.

The man then drove about a mile to Dallas Fire-Rescue Station 5, where paramedics transported him to Baylor University Medical Center. His condition is not yet known, but police said they expect him to be fine.

The victim's child was not injured. Police said they released him to a relative.

Police said they have a person of interest in custody for questioning.

NBC 5's Ellen Bryan contributed to this report.

Photo Credit: NBC 5 News
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<![CDATA[Nearly 700 New Texas Laws Go Into Effect Tuesday]]> Tue, 01 Sep 2015 09:35:48 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/drone+generic.jpg

From the classroom to the airspace, Texans have nearly 700 new laws going into effect Tuesday.

There are new laws involving drones, including expanding allowances for when drone pilots can take pictures to include academic, engineering and surveying purposes. Drones must also stay above an altitude of 400 feet around buildings deemed critical infrastructure, such as power and gas processing plants. Finally, a third law allows the Texas Department of Public Safety to enact a "no-fly zone" around the Texas capitol complex.

In the classroom, there are big changes when it comes to high school Advanced Placement exam scores. To obtain college credit at many public universities, students now need only an AP score of 3 or above to gain credit -- previously, a score of 4 was required for college credit.

In law enforcement, Texas will likely have more body cameras for police officers. A bill from State Sen. Royce West, (D-Dallas), makes $10 million in grants available to local police departments.

There is also a change when it comes to airport security. A person who accidentally carries his or her handgun through security will get a break if he or she has the proper concealed handgun license. Once the traveler is deemed OK by police, he or she will be allowed to take the gun back out of the secured area.

"People are not wanting to commit a crime. They are not trying to sneak a gun into the airport. They just forgot," said David Prince, the owner of the Eagle Gun Range in Lewisville.

Prince said he hears these stories more frequently. And, according to the Transportation Security Administration, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport lead the nation's airports in 2014 with 120 weapons discovered at security checkpoints. Dallas Love Field came in 18th, with 43 weapons.

Those with CHLs will also be allowed to use that license as a valid form of identification.

A measure allowing some epilepsy patients to get low-THC cannabis oil, Texas' first concession on medical marijuana, is now allowed. Also kicking in are laws strengthening restrictions on synthetic marijuana.

So are laws scrapping criminal penalties for skipping school and ending the "pick-a-pal" grand jury system, which critics said created conflicts of interest.

Elected officials accused of ethics crimes will now be tried in their home counties and "revenge porn," or posting explicit pictures of ex-lovers online, becomes a crime.

The Texas Legislature website allows you to look up any bill on the books in the state.

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<![CDATA[West Nile Nearly Sidelines North Texas Quarterback]]> Mon, 31 Aug 2015 18:51:21 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/qb+wnv.jpg

Before the Princeton Panthers took their first snap of the season, the team faced an unsuspecting opponent.

“It’s bad. I wasn’t expecting it to be like this,” said senior quarterback Colt Collins.

Two days before the start of school and the season, Colt started feeling achy and sick to his stomach. Doctors determined he had West Nile fever.

“When the doctor said, ‘We’ve run some blood tests it looks like West Nile,’ I’m thinking ‘That can’t be possible. That’s super serious,’” said his mother, Jean Ann Collins.

Adamant he would not miss his senior start, Colt followed doctor’s orders. He sat out intense drills, took naps and hydrated. Come gameday, doctors recommended a boost of IV fluids and vitamins.

As Collins led his team on the field, his mother watched nervously from the stands.

“You know, I think my football fan took over, because I know his goal is to keep playing,” said his mother.

With goals of a state championship and a college scholarship, Colt threw for more than 100 yards for two touchdowns and rushed during critical plays, all while running to the sidelines every so often to hydrate.

“I thought of all the work I put in this summer with my teammates, how I’d been looking forward to it and how I didn’t want to let them down.”

Together, the pride of Princeton clenched their first game of the season.

“The feeling of getting that first win of the season, it trumped me feeling bad that whole week. I’d do it all over again if I had to,” said Colt.

The Princeton Panthers will take on Arlington Heights for their home-opener on Friday.

Photo Credit: NBC 5 News]]>
<![CDATA[High Water Bills Leave North Texans Sticker Shocked]]> Mon, 31 Aug 2015 17:46:02 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/Colony-water-bills-083115.jpg

The August water bill has many North Texans thirsty for answers.

Several residents in towns throughout the area are reporting a big bill for the month that includes, they say, an unexplained bump in usage.

In The Colony, residents of the Stewart Peninsula neighborhood took to social media sharing snapshots of their bills that showed their usage up nearly four times what they’re used to; one displaying more than 50,000 gallons used in August compared to just over 20,000 last year in August.

Jim Budney made the trip to the curb Monday afternoon to personally check his meter after getting a similar bill in the mail last week.

“Four times higher,” said Budney. "Hasn't been that much hotter, we've been watering the lawn with the same regularity, and only the two of us in the house, so it's a big discrepancy."

Another resident sharing a similar experience said he even compared the recent bill to March’s where he had to fill a back yard pool and the August bill was still much higher.

City leaders in The Colony spent the day Monday looking into the issue and released a statement late in the day saying there didn’t appear to be an issue in the billing.

They said they performed individual audits of the meters and bills and even had a third party administrator review the data.

“Upon reviewing the research, the city has concluded that the readings are correct and that the water was used by residents,” the statement read. “The review has also led to the conclusion that a couple of factors compounded in a short period of time to result in the large bills; namely, the billing period and the weather.”

The city said the current August period was a week longer than most billing periods and the hot, dry weather, that’s coming off of a very wet, flooded summer, likely also drove up prices.

Elsewhere, other communities experiencing high bills are coming to similar conclusions, telling our partners at The Dallas Morning News that rate increases factor in, as well.

Meanwhile, more reports of high bills continue to come in from residents in Corinth, Mansfield, Fate, Flower Mound, and others, and many say that even with a longer billing period and high temperatures, they can’t account for using as much water as they’re being billed for.

If you are experiencing high water bills, experts recommend checking for issues like leaks and lowering your weekly lawn watering times. You should also contact your utility provider if you feel there is a discrepancy.

In The Colony, leaders said they are prepared to allow more time for residents to pay if they’ve been impacted by the higher than normal billing circumstances. They said to contact the city.

Photo Credit: NBC 5 News]]>
<![CDATA[New Law Intends to Make Motorcycles Easier to See]]> Mon, 31 Aug 2015 23:13:26 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/214*120/motorcycle+lights.JPG

Hundreds of new state laws go into effect Tuesday in Texas, including one intended to make motorcycles easier to see after dark.

Many bikers already have extra lights to make themselves more visible at night, but there's some confusion over what's been legal.

"If you ain't got them, all you got is the taillights, headlights, that's it," said Randy Turner. "So if you've got extra lights, running lights and whatever, other people are more likely to see you and not run over you."

A new state law that takes effect Sept. 1 allows bikers to ride with the lights turned on, but only white or amber LEDs that don't flash so other drivers aren't distracted.

"The headlights don't matter once you're beside them," said Rick Bennett, of Dallas. "So once you're past them and you're moving on, they can see a whole lot of you with the lights on."

"Typically on motorcycles when you're passing someone is when it's the most dangerous, because cars just don't see you," said Will Watson, at Longhorn Harley-Davidson in Grand Prairie.

"The typical location for these lights is they will put them here underneath the tanks and underneath the bright side to brighten up the motor so you can see all their shiny chrome," said Watson.

Nearly one in four accidents involving motorcycles happen after dark, between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m.

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<![CDATA[North Texas Communities Prepare For Dove Season]]> Mon, 31 Aug 2015 23:01:38 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/215*120/dove+hunting+gear.JPG

Dove hunting season in the state's North Zone officially opens on Tuesday, Sept. 1 and ends on Sunday, Oct. 25.

That area includes the town of Prosper, where police are urging hunters and residents to use caution this dove season.

According to police, hunting of any sort is permissible only under the following conditions in accordance with state law:

1. Firearms and other weapons which can be used on a tract of land 10 acres to 50 acres include shotguns, air rifles or pistols, BB guns or bows and arrows. However, the user should also be more than 1,000 feet from the property line of a public tract of land, generally accessible by the public, that is routinely used for organized sporting or recreational activities or that has permanent recreational facilities or equipment; the property line of a school, hospital, or commercial day-care facility; and more than 600 feet from the property line of a residential subdivision; the property line of a multifamily residential complex; and more than 150 feet from a residence or occupied building located on another property; and in a manner not reasonably expected to cause a projectile to cross the boundary of the tract.

2. Firearms and other weapons which can be used on a tract of land 50 acres or more include center-fire or rim-fire rifles or pistols of any caliber. Once again, the user should also be more than 1,000 feet from the property line of a public tract of land, generally accessible by the public, that is routinely used for organized sporting or recreational activities or that has permanent recreational facilities or equipment; the property line of a school, hospital, or commercial day-care facility; and more than 600 feet from the property line of a residential subdivision; the property line of a multifamily residential complex; and more than 300 feet from a residence or occupied building located on another property; and in a manner not reasonably expected to cause a projectile to cross the boundary of the tract.

The town of Prosper has an ordinance that addresses the discharge of a firearm within town limits.

However, in accordance with state law, hunting is permissible within the above guidelines.

"We would like to think that public education prior to the start of hunting season will help take care of any misconceptions that are there about what you can and cannot do," said Prosper Police Sgt. Bryan Golden.

Photo Credit: NBC 5 News]]>
<![CDATA[Dogs Attack, Trap Family Inside Fort Worth Home]]> Mon, 31 Aug 2015 22:45:17 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/214*120/fw+dog+scratch.jpg

Home security video shows a pair of pit bulls repeatedly charging a Fort Worth family's front door Saturday, temporarily trapping a woman and her son inside.

"How quick they charged. How quick they lashed," said Rene Martinez about his impressions of later watching the video that he experienced in real life.

Martinez told NBCDFW that his mother, Maria Martinez – who does not speak English – was stepping out of the front door of their home in the 1200 block of Amspoker Avenue toward her favorite chair on the porch when the dogs attacked.

"It makes you nervous. You don't know if they're actually gonna bite someone," Rene Martinez said.

The dogs did not bite, according to Martinez, and instead scratched his mother's lower leg as they were clawing to get inside of their house.

"The way they attacked my mom and scratched her leg – that just, that was the end of it. I lost it after that," said Juan Martinez, the oldest of Maria Martinez's sons.

The security video shows the pair of pit bulls – one gray and the other white – charge at the house at least five times over a period of two-plus minutes, before Rene Martinez was able to scare them away from inside of the house.

The dogs belong to a neighbor, according to the Fort Worth Police Department.

Nine citations were issued to the dogs' owners, including penalties for not properly securing the animals and for failing to have current vaccinations for them, according to the owners.

There were no citations issued for the apparent attack of Maria Martinez, according to the Martinez family, but the incident is still under investigation.

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<![CDATA[Toddler Once Paralyzed by West Nile Now Recovering]]> Mon, 31 Aug 2015 22:48:27 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/brycen+wnv.JPG

At two-and-a-half years old, Brycen Garnett is an eager and rambunctious toddler.

From toy trucks to soccer balls, the family living room is his domain.

"He's talking up a storm, and he's about to start running! We can feel it," laughs his mom, Jame Garnett.

But less than two years ago, Brycen's parents didn't know if their son would get to this point.

At 11 months old, just when Brycen was learning to walk, he landed in the hospital with seizures and later, in a coma.

A short while later doctors declared Brycen was at least temporarily paralyzed from the neuroinvasive form of the West Nile virus.

"They knew he was alive, but they didn't know if he would ever move again," Jame Garnett said.

The North Texas mother detailed the scariest point during that time period.

"Probably when the doctor came in and said we need to pray. I think we both just lost it and didn't know what to do anymore," she said.

Over time, Brycen began to open his eyes, then move his arms.

His legs proved to be the biggest challenge.

But eventually, Brycen began to move those as well.

"His right leg has progressed so much. That's the one that was affected the most. He had to have a surgery on his Achilles to make his foot flat again," said his father, Steven Garnett.

Now, Brycen can run and keep up with his big sister.

But his parents want what happened to him to be a warning about the all-too real dangers of the West Nile virus.

"I mean, I would say as much as you can, protect yourself. Spray in the community. Getting people on board to start spraying. Even spaying your house, because you can spray inside and outside now," said Jame Garnett.

As for Brycen's future, the virus that once made him so weak has now given him his biggest strength.

"Hey, you went through this. You fought this. You're a lough little kid. If you can go through this, you can go through anything," said Steven Garnett.

Photo Credit: NBC 5 News]]>
<![CDATA[Weatherford ISD Warns Students of Stranger Danger]]> Tue, 01 Sep 2015 05:53:05 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/School-Crossing-Sign.jpg

School officials in the Weatherford Independent School District have a warning parents and students about a student's interaction Monday with a stranger.

The student reported a man in a pickup stopped him Monday afternoon near Hall Middle School and asked him his name.

When the student walked away, the man drove after him. The boy then ran toward a group of students and the man drove away.

The student described the man as being black or Hispanic, 30 to 40 years old with a flat-top style hair cut and wearing a black-and-red striped T-shirt. The student indicated the man was driving a gray, possibly Ford, "heavy-duty" truck that had tinted windows and was loud, the district said.

Weatherford schools are adding more staff at drop-off and pickup times, while police are adding extra patrols around each campus.

Photo Credit: NBC 5]]>
<![CDATA[NB I-35E Reopens at FM 407 in Lewisville After Crash]]> Mon, 31 Aug 2015 18:03:05 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/UGC-407-Crash-083015.jpg

The northbound lanes of Interstate 35E have reopened near Farm-to-Market Road 407 in Lewisville Monday afternoon following a crash.

The condition of those involved in the crash and the cause of the crash are not yet known.

The closure lasted for a little more than an hour, officials with the 35Express said.

Photo Credit: Chelsea Caldwell
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<![CDATA[Wal-Mart, North Texas Woman Settle Over Wrecked SUV]]> Mon, 31 Aug 2015 19:54:43 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/walmart+wreck.jpg

A Midlothian grandmother can't believe her good fortune almost three weeks after her SUV was totaled at Wal-Mart.

She had taken her 1998 Ford Expedition to the Wal-Mart in Midlothian for an oil change. Minutes later, she returned to find the vehicle had been totaled.

A Wal-Mart technician said the throttle stuck and he'd crashed into a wall to avoid hitting another employee.

Wal-Mart's insurer investigated the incident for two weeks. During that time, Slayton, the owner of a small flower shop, had only a borrowed vehicle. She said that was hard on business because she delivers many arrangements herself.

"I'll go take care of them – the personal touch. But I wasn't able to do that," said Slayton.

She said after losing her vehicle, she had to hire drivers and even had to turn away business if the delivery was too far away. Wal-Mart initially offered $3,200, but Slayton said that wasn't enough to replace her SUV and compensate her for the impact on her business.

After the NBC 5 Investigates Consumer Unit published stories about the incident, the owner of a used car dealership gave Slayton a 2002 Ford Expedition.

"It's wonderful!" Slayton exclaimed after climbing in her replacement SUV. "I can't believe it, too many blessings that I can count!"

But she'd soon be counting more blessings. Friday evening, she got an unexpected phone call from Wal-Mart's insurer, saying the company wanted to increase the settlement offer.

"It came to like $6,200 when they got done," said Slayton.

The company will reimburse her for towing her totaled truck, her brief car rental and pay her $100 a day for the weeks she was without a vehicle. But what the retail giant's representative said moved her more than the money.

"He wanted to tell me how sorry he was for what I had gone through. And something came over me. It was the first kind word Wal-Mart has given me in two-and-a-half weeks," said Slayton.

She said she should receive the check in a few days. She plans to put some of the money in savings to use for likely repairs on her newly acquired late-model Expedition, and she said perhaps she'll use some of the money to bless somebody else.

She believes in paying it forward.

Photo Credit: NBC 5 News]]>
<![CDATA[12th Human WNV Case Reported in Dallas County]]> Mon, 31 Aug 2015 19:27:35 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/212*120/mosquito+sample+west+nile.JPG

Dallas County health officials are reporting the 12th human case of West Nile virus this season.

The latest patient lives in the 75230 ZIP code, which includes parts of Preston Hollow and North Dallas, and was diagnosed with West Nile fever, according to Dallas County Health and Human Services.

Two people have died in Dallas County this year after contracting West Nile virus, the health department has previously reported.

The Texas Department of State Health Services says the state last year had 379 human cases of West Nile virus, including six deaths.

Photo Credit: NBC 5 News]]>
<![CDATA[Texas Thunder Truck Tracks #DFWFlooding]]> Wed, 17 Jun 2015 10:59:42 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/Texas+THunder+Truck+New+Image+Storms.jpg

Watch video from NBC 5's Texas Thunder Truck, in the player above.

If you do not see video in the player above, the truck is not currently streaming live video.


Follow @TXThunderTruck on Twitter for the latest on location.

[[302852201, C]]

Photo Credit: NBC 5 News
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