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The Dallas crime rate continues running higher so far this year despite police efforts to reverse the spike.

Violent crime year to date as of October 19 was up 10.5 percent, led by murder up 25.78 percent.

Overall including nonviolent property crimes, the rate is up 2.5 percent.

It comes after 11 straight years of falling crime rates in Dallas.

Police leaders will discuss it with city council members on Monday.

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<![CDATA[College Hosts Early Voting for 1st Time in School History]]> Mon, 24 Oct 2016 00:03:18 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/paul-quinn-college.jpg

For the first time in Paul Quinn College's 144-year history, the school will be a polling location for early voters.
The small liberal arts school located in South Dallas is a closed-campus, meaning the gates are normally locked tight. 
But for the next two week of early voting, the gates will remain open to everyone in the community.  
It is one of 50 early voting locations spread throughout Dallas County, a number that has doubled since the last presidential election, according to Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins.
"The shorter the lines are and the easier it is to vote, the better it is for democracy," Jenkins said. 
Early voting locations are also set up at all Dallas community colleges, Southern Methodist University and the University of Dallas. 
"Means more young people can get involved in democracy and that’s all good for the process," Jenkins added. 
Paul Quinn sophomore Sherman Redmond spent the last 3 months registering students and community members to vote, hoping the proximity of a polling place will now draw out more people in an area with historically low voter turnout.
"I think the biggest thing is the attitude and culture of voting could possibly change in this area, which would be great for the community," Redmond said.
The voting machines are locked up tight in Zale Library until election workers set them up Monday morning. 
"We're making sure no one is touching any of this. We don't want to be part of any controversy that may come up," said Mercedes Fulbright, special assistant to the president of Paul Quinn.
Andn Paul Quinn isn't the only one that's new at this -- freshman Paloma Piett is a first-time voter.
"In this election of all elections," Piett said. "It's really nerve-wracking to see who’s actually going to win."
Early voting in Dallas County begins at 7 a.m. Monday, October 24. 

For the first time in Paul Quinn College's 144-year history, the school will be a polling location for early voters.

The small liberal arts schooll located in South Dallas is a closed-campus, meaning the gates are normally locked tight. 

But for the next two weeks of early voting, the gates will remain open to everyone in the community.  

It is one of 50 early voting locations spread throughout Dallas County, a number that has doubled since the last presidential election, according to Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins.

"The shorter the lines are and the easier it is to vote, the better it is for democracy," Jenkins said. 

Early voting locations are also set up at all Dallas community colleges, Southern Methodist University and the University of Dallas. 

"Means more young people can get involved in democracy and that’s all good for the process," Jenkins added. 

Paul Quinn sophomore Sherman Redmond spent the last three months registering students and community members to vote, hoping the proximity of a polling place will now draw out more people in an area with historically low voter turnout.

"I think the biggest thing is the attitude and culture of voting could possibly change in this area, which would be great for the community," Redmond said.

The voting machines are locked up tight inside Zale Library until election workers set them up Monday morning. 

"We're making sure no one is touching any of this. We don't want to be part of any controversy that may come up," said Mercedes Fulbright, special assistant to the president of Paul Quinn.

And Paul Quinn isn't the only one that's new at this -- freshman Paloma Piett is a first-time voter.

"In this election of all elections," Piett said. "It's really nerve-wracking to see who’s actually going to win."

Early voting in Dallas County begins at 7 a.m. Monday, October 24. 

For a list of times and locations across North Texas, CLICK HERE.

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<![CDATA[State Fair of Texas: Reserve Champion Cow]]> Sun, 23 Oct 2016 22:09:08 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/177*120/cattle4.JPG

NBC 5's Kristin Dickerson stopped by the Cattle Barn at the State Fair of Texas and met Casey Pitchford.

He's a third-generation competitor at the fair.

His cow earned a reserve champion title at the State Fair of Texas.

He explained how she will be used in a breeding program and how earning a national championship at another competition was a life-long goal fulfilled.

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<![CDATA[Want to Trade or Cut Tony Romo? Well, It's Not Cheap]]> Sun, 23 Oct 2016 21:59:57 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/160*120/The+Star+45+Doney.jpg

I constantly hear from fans on social media and on my NBC Sports Radio show about “trading” Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

Dak Prescott is doing a great job, but I’m 100 percent against that this season.

Trading Romo is a costly proposition. According to the website www.overthecap.com Romo has a $19.6 million dollar cap charge in 2017.

The Cowboys could release Romo after June 1.

This is a popular way a lot of teams move on from players and OTC wrote this about that very move:

This is a popular idea because of the fact that the June 1 cut allows a team to spread the dead money charge across two seasons. In this case Dallas would take a $10.7 million cap charge in 2017 and an $8.9 million charge in 2018 rather than a $19.6 million charge all in 2017. The difficulty with this scenario is that Dallas would be forced to carry Romo on their roster at a $24.7 million cap charge through June 1. The savings are not reflected during free agency nor are the savings reflected at the start of the league year when a team must be salary cap compliant.

Want to keep Romo as a backup and make him take a pay cut? 

Want Romo to retire?

These scenarios are discussed here. And they do a great of explaining it at Over The Cap. 

Dallas has a lot more reasons to keep Tony Romo around and money is a big part of it.  

Jerry Jones kept on restructuring Romo’s contract to kick the can down the road on paying for it.

Nobody thought it would be an issue when Dak Prescott was drafted in the fourth round back in April.

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<![CDATA[New DART Rail Line Opens Monday]]> Sun, 23 Oct 2016 17:54:33 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/dart+train1.jpg On Monday, the brand new extension of the DART rail line will open.It includes three miles of track through south Oak Cliff.And new stations at Camp Wisdom Road and UNT Dallas.

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<![CDATA[Teen Killed In Richardson Motorcycle Crash]]> Sun, 23 Oct 2016 16:03:29 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/richardson-police-generic-02.jpg

An unlicensed teenager died after crashing the motorcycle he was driving late Saturday night in Richardson.

Sgt. Kevin Perlich of Richardson police identified the driver as 14-year-old Dung Dang of Richardson.

Sgt. Perlich said Dang was driving westbound on Buckingham Road at a high rate of speed. Dang reportedly failed to handle the the split at Centennial. His vehicle went out of control and crashed. Officers said Dang died at the scene.

Sgt. Perlich said Dang was too young to have a Texas driver's license.

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<![CDATA[Trimble Tech Celebrates 100 Years]]> Sat, 22 Oct 2016 19:18:38 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/160*120/Trimble-Tech_448x336.jpg Students, alums and faculty celebrated the 100 year anniversary of Trimble Tech High School in Fort Worth.]]> <![CDATA[Construction Site Litters Entire Block with Styrofoam]]> Fri, 21 Oct 2016 23:00:29 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/styrofoam+pieces.jpg

There's a new La Michoacana Meat Market coming to Oak Cliff, but its construction has brought millions of unwanted intruders to the area.

"An elderly woman walked in and said, 'There's a fire outside. Something flew in my hair.' She thought it was ash," said Ryan Munchrath, whose family owns Ann's Health Food Center & Market next door on the 2600 block of South Zang Boulevard.

The little white pellets littering Munchrath's property are not ash. It's not snow either, which some customers have suggested.

"This is caused by the workers shaving the Styrofoam. The first day we got a northern wind it blew everything into our parking lot," Munchrath said. "It's billions of little pieces of Styrofoam that will never go anywhere."

Munchrath said construction crews shaved the material without a net for several days. After he filed a 311 complaint, a building inspector told the crews to put up a net. That has stopped large pieces from blowing away, but the smaller pellets are everywhere.

"Why is this allowable? Why is it OK for a building inspector to OK this? For a business to build like this? We like to have new companies. This is great to have, but to have trash and litter come with it is not acceptable," Munchrath said.

Employees have tried to clean the mess up, but it's practically impossible.

"We cleaned some of it, but couldn't get everything up. It's harder to clean when it rains" said Coremour Bey. "You know, with Styrofoam, when water hits it is basically absorbs it."

The Styrofoam has blown into the street. Pieces that don't get caught in the grass-filled medians on Zang Boulevard make their way into the backyards of homes, which means this is also a problem for the city of Dallas. After filing another 311 complaint Friday, Munchrath wants to know who is going to clean it up.

"That's somebody's home, and if you're going to trash it you've got to be willing to pay the consequences," Munchrath said. "La Michoacana owes people. They owe somebody in this neighborhood a lot of cleaning."

NBC 5 reached out to the construction project's contractor and the city, but had not heard back by late Friday night.

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<![CDATA[WWII Vet Dedicates Post-War Life to Motorcycles]]> Sun, 23 Oct 2016 12:59:04 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/Motorcycle+Man.jpg

You’ve heard the old cliché that age is just a number, but Bob Osborne of Waxahachie proves that with a little passion the years truly can’t hold you back.

These days he’s known by some in town as the Motorcycle Man and is still the go-to guy to get repairs on a bike or to get just about anything else with a motor up and running.

That’s definitely not the reputation many 92-year-old's can claim, but Osborne’s no average 92-year-old.

His father was a sailor during World War I, so in his teens Osborne followed in step and joined the Navy during World War II.

In 1943 he left San Francisco on the U.S.S. Chester and began fighting with the war effort in the Pacific.

In his collection of memorabilia Osborne still has handwritten notes he put on the tags of gun powder bags, detailing bombardments in Saipan, the battle of Iwo Jima, and D-Day in the Pacific.

“We lost some boys there out in the harbor,” Osborne said recalling some of the fighting and close calls he experienced through the war.

Upon returning to the US, Osborne married his wife of 62 years. The couple had multiple children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren with before her death just a few years ago.

Their home on the outskirts of Waxahachie is filled today with pictures from their happy years, and many of those memories feature a common theme: a motorcycle.

"All the boys that was coming back, they all got Army surplus little Harley 45's,” Osborne said, “they was all buying them so I had to have one too."

The war-time sailor became a road warrior.

Over the years he learned to not only ride, but to tune up, fix, and bring once dead motorcycles back to life.

A life-style he simply never quit.

In his yard you’ll find the workshop that Osborne personally built and wired himself is overflowing with parts, tools, and enough projects to fill decades.

His most recent addition, a covered outdoor work space he built a few years ago and plans to wire before his 93rd birthday, is filled with several motorcycles he’s working on for people.

That’s just his home work space.

The 92 year-old still works a few days a week out of The Shop in downtown Waxahachie where he helps get riders back on the road; many making him their first stop for help.

Osborne says he doesn’t take much in the way of pay these days, maybe a free lunch here or there, but the work and the love of doing the jobs is his pay.

Osborne still attends reunions with his crew from the Chester every year, though he said their numbers have dwindled from dozens to just 3 that are still mobile enough to make it each year.

Even after falls, broken bones, and the aches of age though, Osborne says many tell him they’d never guess he was nearing the century mark as he keeps on moving and working as he has his entire life.

His secret, well, Osborn says maybe the good Lord’s just been pleased with him or maybe the work keeps him young, but he says at this point he plans to keep going; no quit in sight.

“I hope to make 100,” he said with a smirk.

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<![CDATA[Lone Star Politics Oct 23 2016 Show]]> Sun, 23 Oct 2016 11:32:30 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/102316+Jenkins+LSP.jpg On the October 23 edition of Lone Star Politics:-Libertarian Party Railroad Commission candidate Mark Miller-State Rep. Chris Turner -Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins talking about Early Voting

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<![CDATA[Witness: Neighbor Killed Couple Next Door in Fort Worth]]> Mon, 24 Oct 2016 00:07:04 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/102316+Nefty+S+Fort+Worth+shooting.jpg

Witnesses in a south Fort Worth neighborhood said a neighbor shot and killed their next-door neighbor early Sunday morning.

Fort Worth police said officers responded to a home in the 900 block of Buffalo Springs Drive at about 4:00 a.m. Sunday. A spokesman said the original call was a report of a robbery.

When officers arrived, they found two bodies outside.

The names of the victims have not been released.

Officers took a man in custody. They are calling him a "person of interest" but not a suspect.

However, police said there's no need for neighbors to be concerned.

Neighbor Jordan Milner lives across the street from the crime scene talked to NBCDFW.

He believes a neighbor gunned down the victims, the next door neighbors.

"My wife woke me up and said someone is banging on the door," said Milner. "Turns out what my wife heard were gunshots. From my understanding, the guy had an assault rife. From the looks of it, due to the shell casings, he unloaded the whole clip and killed two of the people who lived next door."

Police have not released the motive.

Milner also said the victims were longtime residents.

NBC 5's Chris Jose contributed to this report.

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<![CDATA[Reaction to AT&T-Time Warner Merger is Mixed]]> Sun, 23 Oct 2016 09:36:07 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/att-time-warner.jpg

In one of the biggest mergers in recent history, Dallas-based AT&T announced plans Saturday evening to acquire Time Warner Inc. for more than $85 billion.

"This is a perfect match of two companies with complementary strengths who can bring a fresh approach to how the media and communications industry works for customers, content creators, distributors and advertisers," AT&T Chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson said in a statement.

Bill Dendy, president of Elite Financial Management in Dallas, said the move will mean an evolution in how consumers receive content for entertainment.

Because wireless subscription sales have stagnated, Dendy said, it makes sense for AT&T to venture into a booming business.

But bigger doesn’t always mean better. The deal could result in driving out competition and potentially driving up prices.

“It is likely that this merger takes a year or longer to be worked out, if it gets worked out at all, because of those concerns that it could be negative for the consumer long-term,” Dendy said.

Marsha Hamilton has been an AT&T phone customer for years and said she’s run into billing issues so often that she feels the wireless company should stay focused.

“I think they’re swallowing up a bit too much, just as a consumer myself. Maybe it’ll help them on the business end, maybe they’re trying to expand their horizons, but I just don’t think it’s a good idea, personally,” said Hamilton.  

But AT&T internet user Columbia Shafer said it could be a positive move for customers.

“I think there are enough small companies and other companies that there will still be choices. If they were the only two companies, then I might be worried. But because there are other ones, I think it’s alright,” Shafer said. 

Earlier Saturday, Donald Trump promised to block the deal under his administration if he became president. 

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<![CDATA[Stop Lights Added on Dangerous Stretch of Dallas Road]]> Sun, 23 Oct 2016 13:35:49 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/208*120/stoplight.JPG

It isn’t often new stop lights spark a celebration.

But for the Ledbetter neighborhood in west Dallas, it’s a symbol of hope; hope that it could prevent another senseless death.

The lights are at the corner of Singleton Boulevard and Weisenberger Drive.

Dallas City Councilwoman Monica Alonzo flipped the switch during a ceremony Saturday afternoon surrounded by a couple dozen community members.

“It was very emotional, without a doubt,” said Alonzo.

The process of getting the light installed started seven months ago after a crash killed three siblings nearby, at the intersection of Singleton Blvd. and Peoria Ave.

Security cameras captured the collision on March 28.

Investigators say a speeding driver slammed into the Dodge Stratus car the siblings were riding in. Two more people in the Stratus, including the mother of the children and another sibling, survived the crash.

The oncoming driver, Xavier Mandell Taylor, has been charged in connection with the deaths. 

The victims include 11-year-old Pamela Mendoza, 7-year-old Brian Mendoza and 3-year-old Elizabeth Mendoza.

The childrens' uncle, Rogelio Mendoza, attended Saturday’s ceremony.

“It’s going to be better for the community,” he said.

Neighbors say they've asked for new stop lights for years because drivers are known to speed down Singleton Boulevard.

The say the new lights are a step in the right direction.

City officials say the cost of the project is about $75,000. 

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<![CDATA[Decatur Honors a High School Football Tradition]]> Fri, 21 Oct 2016 22:43:12 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/coy+oneal+decatur.jpg

In Decatur over the years, the high school football teams have changed. But on the sidelines, one Friday night tradition has stayed the same – for nearly seven decades.

Coy O'Neal, 83, was a 15-year-old student when the football officials were short-staffed one night and asked him to help with the chains on the sidelines.

He never stopped.

The Decatur Eagles surprised O'Neal Friday night with a memorial at the stadium in tribute to his decades of service.

On hand for the ceremony was Cy Young, the coach in the early 1950s when O'Neal first started helping out.

"And he doesn't look any older than he did 20 years ago," Young joked. "He's an old friend, old friend. Well, he's not too old. But he's a friend."

Young is now 97.

"Coy is a permanent fixture of Decatur athletics," Young said. "And I'll tell you what, he's the most loyal person I've ever seen."

O'Neal said he is pleased with the honor and has no plans to end his role with the team.

"(As long as) my feet hold me up," he said.

In a game rich in tradition, Coy O'Neal is already in a league of his own.

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<![CDATA[Internet Outage Hits Ticket Sales for Dallas Music Venues]]> Fri, 21 Oct 2016 22:35:17 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/digital+concert+ticket.jpg

Many concertgoers buy their tickets online, but that wasn't possible Friday for several hours as a widespread cyberattack affected the ticketing agent for many music venues in Deep Ellum.

"There's never a warning for something like this," said Karen Cunningham, box office manager at the Bomb Factory. "It's like a flat tire. It just happens."

The Bomb Factory had a performance by Latina pop star Alejandra Guzman, and Steve Escalona had hoped to buy concert tickets over the internet.

"Not available. Not available. Not available," he said, describing his attempts to buy tickets online. "And it just kept pushing me out every time I tried to buy something."

Escalona ended up going to the box office in-person.

"You're like, wait, like people actually used to go to venues, hand them cash, and give them tickets to go to an event?" Mike Ziemer joked.

Ziemer is the founder of the So What Music Festival, which started Friday in Deep Ellum. "Nightmare," he said, about the internet outage. "For a festival like this, we've put a year's worth of work into it, so to wake up the morning of the festival and not be able to do your job is pretty much the worst thing ever."

The So What Music Festival has more than 200 bands performing at nine venues over three days in Deep Ellum.

"I would tell my parents about something like this, and they'd be like, 'Oh, boo hoo! That's how everything used to be,'" Ziemer joked.

As they say, the show must go on.

Twitter, Amazon, PayPal, Spotify and Reddit were among the websites that were knocked out of service by Friday's cyberattack.

It is too early to determine who was responsible for the digital attacks, cyber experts and intelligence officials told NBC News.

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<![CDATA[Early Voting Begins Monday, Locations Listed Here]]> Sun, 23 Oct 2016 11:34:03 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/Florida-registro-de-votantes-elecciones-presidenciales-2016.jpg

Early voting in Texas begins Monday for the November General Election.

County specific information can be found below. A map of early voting locations for Dallas, Tarrant, Collin and Denton counties, including days and times voting is available, can be found below.

Due to an appeals court decision in July that Texas' voter ID law discriminated against minorities and the poor, the state was forced to change the law ahead of the November election. Instead of requiring voters to show one of seven forms of suitable ID -- a list that included concealed handgun permits, but not college IDs -- the state will now let those without such an ID to sign an affidavit. That will allow them to cast a regular full ballot, and their vote will be counted.

Dallas County

Tarrant County

Collin County

Denton County

Johnson County

Ellis County

Kaufman County

Rockwall County

Hunt County

Parker County

Other North Texas Counties

Anderson County Elections
Cooke County Elections
Bosque County Elections
Comanche County Elections (No known web page)
Delta County Elections
Erath County Elections
Fannin County Elections
Freestone County Elections
Hamilton County Elections
Henderson County Elections
Hill County Elections
Hopkins County Elections
Jack County Elections (page is outdated)
Lamar County Elections
Montague County Elections
Navarro County Elections
Palo Pinto County Elections
Rains County Elections
Van Zandt County Elections
Wise County Elections

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<![CDATA[Eight Arrested in Rockwall Online Child Solicitation Sting]]> Fri, 21 Oct 2016 20:51:11 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/rockwall+sting+1021.jpg

Eight men are charged with online solicitation of a minor after an undercover sting by the Texas Attorney General's Child Exploitation Unit and Fugitive Apprehension Unit and the Rockwall County Sheriff's Office.

Investigators posed as children online, and each of the men allegedly traveled to a predetermined location in Rockwall County, where they expected to engage in sexual conduct with a child, the attorney general's office said.


Online solicitation of a minor is a second-degree felony punishable by two to 20 years in prison.

The men arrested include:

  •       Ashvin Ranpariya, 34
  •       Cody Elvis Wayne Summers, 27
  •       Justin Reis Mayer, 33
  •       Ryan Dale Trahan, 21
  •       Terry Allen Ford, 51
  •       Jonathan Rangel Salazar, 21
  •       Ryan Scott Magby, 27
  •       Jeffrey Scott Miller, 52


The attorney general's office has more information about cyber safety and how to protect your children while online: https://www.texasattorneygeneral.gov/cj/cyber-safety.

Photo Credit: Texas AG Office]]>
<![CDATA[Plano Man Fights Off Bobcat During Dog Walk]]> Fri, 21 Oct 2016 19:55:53 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/bcat-attack.jpg

Bobcat sightings are not uncommon in North Texas. Viewers send in a few photos to NBC 5 every week.

However, we rarely hear about a person being attacked by a bobcat.

A Plano man says he had to fight off a bobcat while he was walking his dog at Hoblitzelle Park near Alma and Legacy drives.

“I guess right after is when I sat back and was like 'okay, I just fought a bobcat. That was interesting,'” said Logan Ortolf.

Ortolf says his 10-month-old Blue Heeler mix named Harley was off the leash at the park when the encounter happened.

The pair was walking along a creek at about 8:30 Monday night when Harley started barking uncontrollably at what turned out to be a bobcat in the bushes.

“It was about as big as her,” Ortolf said.

Worried Harley would become the bobcat's next meal, Ortorf says he stepped between the two animals.

“It jumped on her and I grabbed it by the back of the neck and tried to throw it into the woods, but it kind of latched onto my arm,” he said.

The entire encounter, Ortolf says, lasted five seconds.

“I had her by the neck and I kind of grabbed her by the back of the tail and flung it into a tree and then it ran off,” he said.

Photos show Ortolf's bloody forearm covered in claw marks. The injuries landed him in the emergency room.

“They gave me a bunch of shots as a precaution. I got 30 plus rabies sticks,” he said.

The wounds aren't stopping the pair from exploring their favorite park.

But Ortolf says Harley's days of playing off the leash are over.

“She'll stay on the leash from now on for sure or anywhere other than the dog park,” he said.

Animal experts say bobcat attacks are extremely rare.

Keeping your pet on a leash is the key to avoiding a bobcat encounter, according to Marcus Stephens with 911 Wildlife, a Plano-based company specializing in humane animal removal.

Stephens answers questions on the minds of many pet owners here.

Photo Credit: NBC 5 News]]>
<![CDATA[One Person Shot in Southeast Dallas Neighborhood]]> Fri, 21 Oct 2016 19:57:12 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/Generic-Dallas-Police-car.jpg

Police are investigating a shooting in far southeast Dallas.[[397987221,C]]

It happened at about 6:15 p.m. Friday in the 3000 block of Morgan Drive.

Officers say one person was shot and was transported to a nearby hospital.

The victim's condition is not known.

Police have not released further information.

Check back and refresh this page for the latest update. As this story is developing, elements may change.

Photo Credit: NBC 5
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<![CDATA[Fort Worth Student One of 10 in the World to Ace AP Exam ]]> Fri, 21 Oct 2016 18:48:12 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/COLLEGE-BOARD-AP-EXAM.jpg

A Fort Worth high school senior is one of ten students in the world to make a perfect score on a very difficult exam.

Miguel Padilla, a senior at the Harmony School of Innovation in Fort Worth, aced his AP Computer Science test along with only nine others in the world.

Padilla said in a press release that he credits his success to his computer science teacher Angela Garcia. He framed a copy of his perfect score and gave it to Garcia as a gift to thank her for challenging him.

“I couldn’t let you down, not even one point,” Padilla wrote on his results letter to Garcia.

The AP, or Advanced Placement tests, allow high school students to earn college credit if they make a certain score. They’re administered by College Board, a non-profit educational institute, the press release said.

Padilla, who’s been attending Harmony since fourth grade, said he always had an interest in computer science. He said his goal is to attend the Massachusettes Institute of Technology and one day work for Google.

Nearly 60,000 students took the test worldwide, but only 10 aced the exam.

“I am just so proud and thrilled for him,” Garcia said.

<![CDATA[Kaufman County Athletes Tested For Heart Health]]> Fri, 21 Oct 2016 19:56:35 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/ecg+heart+test.jpg

A life-saving service is being offered for free to student athletes in Kaufman County.

According to the American Heart Association, more than 1,300 high school and college aged students die from heart problems each year and there's a push to get every high school student screened, starting in Kaufman County.

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Kaufman raised money to purchase a portable ECG device.

The funds used to purchase the equipment came from Texas Health Kaufman’s Black Tie Ball, an annual community fundraiser, focused on improving cardiovascular health in Kaufman and the surrounding areas.

It's a five minute procedure that can tell doctors if a student has any risk of sudden cardiac death.

Doctors say it provides results more reliable than the standard EKG for teens ages 14 to 18.

They're providing the screening for free.

"It doesn't happen often, but when a young child dies, it's just devastating for everyone, physicians included. So, we want to try and find better ways to pick them out of the basket and identify them and help them live a normal life," said Dr. Paul Guttuso, physician at Texas Health Kaufman.

If doctors find an issue with a student's ECG reading, the student would go to a cardiologist for a follow-up.

That visit is also free if a family can't afford it.

"We are trying to get that knowledge and that application to the small communities around here people that would not otherwise have that available to them," said Guttuso.

Clacie Terry, a tenth-grader at Kaufman High, received a normal reading, but says she's happy to have the peace of mind.

"I like that they can bring it to all the different towns so every one can be sure that they're safe," said Terry.

Bringing this kind of access to heart health technology to the rural towns in Kaufman County was a priority for the health team, said officials at Texas Health Resources.

They report that the number of heart disease-related deaths is about 247 for 100,000 people, twice the national average.

“We believe part of the reason that Kaufman County experiences a higher incidence of cardiovascular complexities comes from the feedback that we received in our recent Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). The responses accumulated from the community on their own health behaviors and needs show that Kaufman and the surrounding communities have lower indicators of healthy behaviors, such as exercise and regular screenings," said Ajith Pai, PharmD, MBA, RPh, Professional & Support Services Officer/Director of Pharmacy.

Photo Credit: NBC 5 News]]>
<![CDATA[A Taste of India Finds a Home in Plano]]> Fri, 21 Oct 2016 18:38:29 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/Fabindia+india+clothing.jpg

India is thousands of miles from Plano but explosive growth in North Texas is bringing very distinct cultures together. The proof is at the corner of Coit Road and Spring Creek Parkway.

What looks like an average strip mall is anything but When NBC 5 visited, a new Ford Mustang was parked along the curb between a fitness center and an Indian grocery store. The car was receiving a Hindu blessing from the leader of the Shirdi Sai Temple.

"Once we get a car we come to the temple, bring the car to the temple and seek blessings from God," said the car's owner, Akshat Sherma.

Sherma is from India and moved to Plano recently for work.

"It's been a couple of months since I moved here, and yeah until now, everything has been very good. Very welcoming people," Sherma said.

The temple's leader says that welcoming attitude plus opportunity is what is drawing record numbers of people from India.

"For the last five years we never think this many people are moving here," explained Akkala Veera Swami.

Steps from the temple many of the symbolic colors of India line the rack at Fabindia. The retail giant has 370 stores and recently chose Plano for its first American location.

"And we thought there can't be a better place than Plano/Frisco, because a lot of Indian communities are here as well and it's not only Indian – a lot of Americans are well versed with Fabindia," explained Jeshma Ganaphy, with Fabindia.

"It has been an awesome place. I don't have to go to downtown or uptown any time. Everything you have is around here. Anything and everything I just find it here in Plano," Ganaphy said.

Plano City Planner Steve Sims agrees that culture has arrived in Plano. He tracks population change and says the Asian population, of which Indian nationals are a part, is now greater than the Hispanic population.

"Since the 2000 Census the Indian population has more than doubled, and they've taken over that role of being the largest segment of our Asian population," said Sims.

In 1990 the Asian population was 3.9 percent in Plano. In 2014 is was 18.1 percent.

That's great news for Fabindia, which hopes to draw more than loyal Indian shoppers.

"It's beautiful clothing actually. Anybody can relate to it whether it's Indian, or American or African-American or anyone," Ganaphy said.

And a bonus of having a diverse population: Plano is becoming a go-to city for some of the best international cuisine in North Texas.

Photo Credit: NBC 5 News]]>
<![CDATA[Police Say Masked Robber Stole Money From a Plano Bank]]> Fri, 21 Oct 2016 18:01:27 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/212*120/Money_generic.jpg

Plano police said they’re searching for a masked robber who pulled out a firearm and demanded money from a bank.

Police said the robbery took place at around 10:45 a.m. Friday on the 2900 block of Legacy Drive. They added that after stealing an undisclosed amount of money from the bank, the man left on foot.

They said the man has a middle-eastern accent and is roughly 6 feet 2 inches tall with a thin build.

He wore a dark gray long-sleeved shirt, black pants, and a mask. Police said they are still investigating.

<![CDATA[Parkland Hospital Garage Sale Thrills Customers]]> Fri, 21 Oct 2016 19:56:23 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/Parkland.jpg

Dallas County’s Parkland Hospital is staging a garage sale this weekend to sell surplus equipment and furnishings from the old hospital after moving into a new one nine months ago.

The sale is underway until 9 p.m. Friday, Saturday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Sunday from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. at 2420 Butler Street in a Parkland Hospital warehouse.

From 9 a.m. to noon Saturday, a special sale of commercial kitchen equipment will be held in the old hospital kitchen with access through the old emergency room entrance off Southwestern Medical Avenue.

More than 6,000 items are up for sale including TVs, chairs, tables, bookcases, ice machines, refrigerators, storage equipment and 500 iPhones.

Sale prices are marked on all items but unlike some garage sales, there is no haggling over price. Customers must pay with cash and be prepared to carry large items.

Customer John Ortega paid $500 each for two refrigerator display cases that he said would have cost thousands elsewhere.

“The deal of a life-time,” he said. “Don Corleone would have bought them.”

Customer Myra Hernandez paid $265 for a truck load of tables and chairs to host her family parties.

“This is a blessing. It’s a lot cheaper, a lot cheaper,” she said.

Parkland officials said the county’s hospital and clinics could no longer make use of the items.

“We’ve had a lot of looks by all the department heads to see what we’re doing as far as what could be refurbished, reused,” said Jerry Nickerson, Parkland Vice-President of Engineering and Program Control.

Dallas County Commissioner Mike Cantrell said Parkland has been watching money carefully as it faces budget cuts this year.

“They squeezed it good,” Cantrell said. “They’re looking at a somewhat small deficit over at Parkland, so they’re squeezing every dime they can get out of everything. And this money they get off the sale will go back into the budget.”

Photo Credit: NBC 5 News]]>
<![CDATA[Church Thefts Caught on Camera]]> Fri, 21 Oct 2016 19:54:36 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/church+safety.jpg

Church leaders are on alert after a series of break-ins. The criminals are going for the high price-tag items like televisions and sound equipment.

The latest was caught on camera where police believe the same suspect hit the same congregation three times in the last five weeks.

Police say that it's happening all over North Texas from southwest Dallas to over on the southeast side where NBC 5 has obtained new surveillance video of the possible repeat church thief.

In the video, the criminal is seen smashing the front door glass of Tiemplo de Dios with a large object, reaching through the widow and helping himself to the house of worship.

It's hard to believe, but this is the second time surveillance cameras inside the church caught him taking soundboard equipment from the entrance.

"He tried to steal this equipment but his time ran out and he left everything," said Juan Hernandez, the caretaker of the property.

Hernandez in also a member of the congregation and says he's sickened with the crimes.

He says it's not about the property, it's about the safety and security that members of a congregation are supposed to feel.

"It's not right we pray to the Lord here and we use this equipment to praise lord, it's not right they come and steal things you know," he said.

Police say his place of peace is not the only one and that criminals are targeting other churches looking for expensive equipment used for worship services. Things like television monitors, computers, audio consoles and speaker systems have been stolen.

Hernandez helped install surveillance cameras on the property and says all churches should do the same.

As for the criminals, he has a message.

"He needs to repent and come and bring the equipment that he stole from here."

The Catholic Diocese in Dallas says in late September, Blessed Sacrament on north Marsalis Ave. was targeted.

Surveillance video captured burglar taking a lawnmower, weed eater, drills and electronics.

Police are reviewing surveillance video of that crime and ask the community to remain vigilant.

Photo Credit: NBC 5 News]]>
<![CDATA[Selena Inducted into Texas Women's Hall of Fame]]> Fri, 21 Oct 2016 16:59:44 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/Selena+Texas+Womens+Hall+of+Fame.jpg

Selena Quintanilla, often called the Queen of Tejano music, was inducted into the Texas Women's Hall of Fame in Denton on Friday.

The music icon is one of the first two inductees selected to join the hall posthumously, and one of five members of the 2016 induction class.

She joins the dozens of other great women honored in the hall at Texas Woman's University in Denton and was selected for the honor by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

Known by just her first name, Selena was murdered in 1995 at the age of 23 by an obsessed fan in Corpus Christi.

Carlos Saenz, a member of Fort Worth's popular Latin Express, said Selena was a fresh female voice in a genre that had been dominated by men.

"Huge, huge, huge impact," he said. "She made it cool for girls to play music in the Tejano industry."

Carlos Saenz's brother, Leo, said Selena took Tejano music from a regional to global level.

"She made it not only nationwide but worldwide," Leo Saenz said.

A memorial in Corpus Christi still draws thousands of fans.

"It's very emotional because you know she just died so tragically and she still had a lot of things to do," Carlos Saenz said.

Jennifer Lopez portrayed Selena in a movie after her death, a role so popular it propelled Lopez to stardom in her own right.

Abbott attended Friday's hall of fame induction ceremony at Texas Woman's University and called Selena an example of "dreaming big and working hard to achieve those dreams."

Also in attendance, and accepting the late singer's award, was her sister Suzette Quintanilla, who told the crowd that Selena would have been honored to be given the "powerful award for women."

"I am forever grateful to be a part of this powerful legacy she had left behind," Suzette Quintanilla said, with a tear. "The impossible is possible, it is, because we are still talking about her 21 years later."

"I won't be surprised if we are talking about her in another 20 years because her impact was that heavy," Leo Saenz said.

Other inductees into the hall of fame included aviation pioneer Emma Carter Browning, entrepreneur Susie Hitchcock-Hall, NASA executive Ginger Kerrick and University of Houston Chancellor Renu Khator.

NBC 5's Brian Scott contributed to this report.

Photo Credit: NBC 5 News]]>
<![CDATA[Officer Injured During Disturbance Call: Dallas Police]]> Fri, 21 Oct 2016 09:33:31 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/West_Dallas_Police_Generic_Shooting.png

Dallas police said an officer was struck by a man reportedly causing a disturbance at a business Friday morning.

Police said they responded to the disturbance call at a business in the 2000 block of Market Center Boulevard at about 5 a.m.

When officers tried to escort the man out of the business, police said he became aggressive and refused to follow commands. When officers tried to restrain the man, he became combative and struck one of them.

Officers then arrested the man and took him to Lew Sterrett Jail, according to authorities.

The officer suffered minor injuries during the altercation.

Photo Credit: NBC 5 News
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<![CDATA[UNT Police Issue Warning After 2 Students Robbed]]> Fri, 21 Oct 2016 08:23:14 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/UNT+Campus+carry.jpg

Police in Denton issued a warning to University of North Texas students after two people were robbed near campus early Thursday morning.

UNT police said a male student was riding a bike in the 1600 block of West Hickory Street at 12:30 a.m. when a male and female approached him from behind, took his cell phone and ran to a red four-door vehicle driven by a third person.

Thirty minutes later, another male student was walking near the intersection of Beatty Street and Eagle Drive when he was also approached from behind by a male and female. Denton police said the man and woman took the student's cell phone and backpack and ran to a red four-door driven by a third person.

No weapons were displayed or violent threats made during either incident.

No serious injuries were reported.

UNT sent an alert to students reminding them to always walk in numbers, stay in well-lit areas and keep car doors locked. They also asked the public to report suspicious activity by calling 911, their Criminal Investigations Division at 940-565-3006 or Crime Stoppers at 940-369-8477 (TIPS).

Photo Credit: NBC 5 News]]>
<![CDATA[Weatherford Haunted House Has Biblical Twist]]> Fri, 21 Oct 2016 13:00:56 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/apocalypse-experience.jpg The Apocalypse Experience in Weatherford is taking the concept of haunted houses and adding a Biblical message to it.

Photo Credit: NBC 5 News]]>
<![CDATA[Amarillo Man Rides to DFW on Horseback for Homeless]]> Fri, 21 Oct 2016 07:07:03 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/horseback-homeless.jpg

At any given day there will be 80,000 people homeless in the Dallas area.

The problem is also wide spread throughout the state of Texas and Kitt Rudd is making it his goal to raise awareness for the homeless.

Rudd is traveling 350 miles from his hometown of Amarillo to North Texas on horseback. His mission is to help the homeless in any way he can and focus on their needs for shelter. He's also raising funds and bringing supplies for the homeless.

Rudd is vice president of Yellow City Community Outreach in Amarillo. One of the main goals of the organization is to raise money to build tiny homes for the homeless.

Photo Credit: NBC 5 News]]>
<![CDATA[Dallas Again Discusses Possible Rail Line to Love Field]]> Fri, 21 Oct 2016 07:04:47 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/DART+generic.jpg

The City of Dallas is revisiting the feasibility of bringing light rail directly to Dallas Love Field.

At a city council meeting this week, Dallas Aviation Director Mark Duebner told council members they should expect a briefing in the coming months about a plan to run an extension from Dallas Area Rapid Transit’s existing Bachman station.

As first reported by The Dallas Morning News, the light rail line would reach Love Field by way of a proposed north entrance to the airport. The north entrance and exit become possible in 2017 when a former runway near Denton Drive is fully closed to air traffic, according to Duebner.

“The city has been actively looking for a way to connect Love Field with a DART Light Rail station for many years,” Duebner told NBCDFW.

Duebner said that money for a potential rail line through Love Field was set aside more than a decade ago, but the project quickly became too expensive.

The millions once earmarked for a possible DART station at Love Field were eventually spent on the new street car project that connects Downtown Dallas to Oak Cliff, according to The Dallas Morning News.

Photo Credit: NBC 5]]>
<![CDATA[Pizza Hut Contest Will Pay Winner to Attend Sporting Events]]> Fri, 21 Oct 2016 05:45:59 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/pizza-hut-101012.jpg

Pizza Hut has announced a contest that will pay the winner eat pizza and watch sports.

The Plano-based pizza chain will choose one winner to attend the national championship games of each NCAA Division I sport during the 2016-17 season.

The winner will also be paid $50,000 to eat pizza and post about the games on social media.

Pizza Hut will accept applications through Nov. 6. They will then narrow the results to three finalists and select the best social media user.

Online: Pizza Hut All-American Application

Photo Credit: NBC 5 News]]>
<![CDATA[Victim Finds Pictures Taken With Stolen Phones: Arlington PD]]> Fri, 21 Oct 2016 08:21:46 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/arlington-cell-robbery.jpg

Arlington police said they need the public's help finding a cell phone thief who went on a selfie spree.

Police said the victim reported that three phones were stolen from a vehicle. Several pictures taken with the phones appeared on the victim's computer after the theft.

Further details about the theft were not released.

The man was described as in his early- to late-30s with short black hair and light facial hair.

Anyone with information about this incident was asked to call Det. David Frias at 817-459-6482.

Police said that they received several tips within hours of posting the images on their Facebook page that helped them identify the people in the images.

Photo Credit: Arlington Police Department
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<![CDATA[Dallas Police Search for 2 Men Involved in Assault, Robbery]]> Fri, 21 Oct 2016 04:58:19 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/ledbetter-robberies.jpg

Police said they need help finding two men involved in an assault and a robbery at a Dallas convenience store Tuesday afternoon.

Dallas police said one of the men went into the Smart Mart in the 3100 block of E. Ledbetter Drive, assaulted the victim and stole property at about 4 p.m.

Police described the man as black, 20-25 years old, 5 feet 11 inches tall and 180 pounds. He was wearing a black T-shirt, blue jean shorts and black and white tennis shoes.

The man then ran out the store and got into a silver Buick LeSabre, which police said was driven by the second man.

Police described the second man as black, 20-25 years old, 5 feet 9 inches tall and 170 pounds. He was wearing a black tank top shirt, red pants and black and red Air Jordan shoes.

Photo Credit: Dallas Police Department
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<![CDATA[Fort Hood Soldier Killed in Action in Afghanistan]]> Fri, 21 Oct 2016 07:13:16 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/SGT20Riney.jpg

The Department of Defense said Fort Hood soldier Sgt. Douglas J. Riney has died after encountering hostile forces in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Riney, a 26-year-old resident of Fairview, Illinois, died Thursday. He was supporting Operation Freedom’s Sentinel, according to a Fort Hood press release.

Riney entered active duty service in July 2012, and has been assigned to the Support Squadron, 3rd Cavalry Regiment and 1st Cavalry Division in Fort Hood since Dec. 2012.

He deployed to Afghanistan in June.

Riney has been honored with multiple awards, the press release said, including the Purple Heart, Bronze Star, NATO metal and four Army Achievement medals just to name a few.

<![CDATA[TABC Sting Targets Underage Alcohol Sales in North Texas]]> Thu, 20 Oct 2016 23:07:38 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/Generic_Beer_Victory_Beer_Generic_Beer_Bottles.jpg

A Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission undercover sting Thursday afternoon targeted underage alcohol sales in North Texas.

"To make sure they're selling responsibly, not selling to underage minors," said TABC Sgt. Matthew Kelso.

Undercover agents went to 20 locations in Euless and Bedford. An 18-year old informant went into each location, trying to buy beer.

"They use a valid ID that actually tells their age," Kelso explained.

"Grabbed a 25-ounce Bud Light, went to the counter, purchased it," the informant told NBC 5. "Didn't even check ID."

The informant said he was surprised, because the one of the busts was at a QuikTrip in Euless.

"I was kind of excited to be honest," he said. "It was my first QuikTrip!"

The QuikTrip that TABC undercover agents said sold beer to their informant was located right next door to a QuikTrip regional office. Someone inside the office stepped outside to ask what was happening. NBC 5 asked him what that policy was for selling alcohol.

"What's our policy?" he asked. "Our policy is to check ID."

The QuikTrip was one of two businesses busted for underage alcohol sales during the sting. The other was a Chevron in Bedford.

TABC agents say on average they bust 10 percent of the businesses targeted in a sting. The focus is safety.

"When you're talking about teenagers – minors – not only are they inexperienced operators of a vehicle," explained Kelso. "Add in alcohol and you've got an extremely dangerous, deadly situation."

A recent study shows 20 percent of high school students admit getting into a car with someone who has been drinking behind the wheel. This week is National Teen Safety Driver Week. According to the Centers for Disease Control, traffic accidents are the leading cause of death among teenagers.

<![CDATA[Dallas' First 'Brain Gym' Teaching Meditation Techniques]]> Thu, 20 Oct 2016 23:03:40 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/meditation3.jpg

In the middle of your busy work day, would you ever consider taking a break to strengthen your brain? There’s a new business in Dallas that’s considered a “brain gym,” it’s a peaceful space that’s focused on improving your brain by using meditation.

Mastermind is a new meditation center in Dallas that’s offering research-proven results that offer, “improved focus, clarity, memory retention, reduction in stress. Our whole idea is a healthy mind equals a healthy body,” said Chelsey Charbeneau, meditation teacher

What makes Mastermind different from other meditation centers is that their whole focus is improving your brain function.

“This is the first of its kind. There are meditation studios in the country but this is the first ‘brain gym,’ so everything we do here is focused on your brain.”

The class NBC 5 attended was working to strengthen memory.

“I want you to recall as many things as you can from yesterday,” Charbeneau told the class.

Other guided meditation classes are for improved energy, focus, intention, and gratitude.

“So I found myself thanking people more, or telling people how I appreciate them more, based on some of the classes that we’ve had,” said Shawn Williams.

Williams said he’s meditated on and off over the years but scheduling a meditation at Mastermind made it easier for him to get it done.

“It was like a 30 minute nap, but you weren’t sleeping, and I was like, ‘This is the best!’” said Lexi Holt.

Meditation is an ancient technique that continues to help people improve all aspects of their lives.

“It really is a calming experience and one that puts you in a great frame of mind, which puts you in a positive mood for the rest of the day,” said Ryan Trimble.

“So we’re all stressed and doing too much and this place provides a little haven for you to rejuvenate,” said Charbeneau.

Photo Credit: NBC 5 News]]>
<![CDATA[Safety Concerns Along Growing Highway 380]]> Thu, 20 Oct 2016 17:38:08 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/380+safety.jpg

Once a rural road between Collin County and the city of Denton, for a long time Highway 380 was just a 60-mile-per hour pass-through to most drivers, but that’s not the case anymore.

In recent years, the stretch from Loop 288 in Denton to the county line has been one of the fastest growing in the area with a boom of businesses and home developments coming in to meet the influx of jobs in nearby Frisco and other cities.

However, neighbors say not growing so fast is the road itself.

Despite all of the new additions, 380 still sits as a four-lane rural divide with a 60-mile-per-hour speed limit. It’s often bogged down with traffic jams in peak times, and during the off hours traffic speeds by pedestrians and the newly opened Braswell High School.

Many residents say accidents on the road have become a regular occurrence and it’s time for a change.

The Texas Department of Transportation seems to agree.

TxDOT has a project scheduled to widen the stretch to six lanes and add more bike and pedestrian space. The estimated $81 million in work isn’t scheduled to begin though until 2018.

The speed limit is another story.

A representative for TXDOT says changing a permanent speed limit requires requests from the local governments in the area, as well as, traffic studies – a lengthy process. There’s no word if that’s something that has been initiated at this time.

Several neighbors said Thursday that they hope action on the road comes soon though, especially with the increased student presence.

Highway 380 also became a topic of safety discussions last month after multiple accidents, including some deaths in construction zones on the road in Denton.

Photo Credit: Brian Scott, NBC 5]]>