9 More Arrested in South Padre Beating

Investigators say all 10 suspects belong to one of state's largest prison gangs

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    Police in San Antonio have arrested nine men in connection with the beating of a Dallas college student on South Padre Island during spring break.

    Derek Madrigal, 21, was attacked by a group of men, sustaining a collapsed lung and nine stab wounds.

    San Antonio police simultaneously arrested nine men in the attack, bringing the total number of a arrests in the case to 10.

    Eric John Gomez, 35; Carlos Saenz III, 26; Alfredo Valdez, 30; Emilio J. Ruvalcaba, 28; Jamie A. Matos, 30; Gilbert Balderas, 30; Omar I. Guerrero,27; Thomas Wayne Garcia, 27; and Michael Villarreal, 21; were arrested Wednesday morning in the San Antonio and Pleasanton areas.

    WARNING VIOLENT IMAGES: Police Arrest 9 in Spring Break Attack

    [DFW] WARNING VIOLENT IMAGES: Police Arrest 9 in Spring Break Attack
    WARNING VIDEO CONTAINS VIOLENT IMAGES: Police have arrested a total 10 men in the brutal attack of a Dallas native on South Padre Island during spring break.

    Michael J. Rangel, 33, has been in custody since March 17.

    “My thought was anyone that touched my son or attempted to would face charges, and that's what we are seeing now,” said Frank Madrigal, the victim's father.

    He said he promised his son in the intensive care unit of a Harlingen hospital that every person seen on graphic cellphone video of the attack would be punished.

    “We’re certainly, as a family, very thankful," he said.

    Investigators said all of the suspects are members of the Texas Mexican Mafia, one of the state's largest prison gangs. Investigators seized drugs, cash, weapons and stolen vehicles from the men's homes, according to federal search warrants.

    Derek Madrigal was not feeling up for an interview Thursday afternoon. His father said he's had a bit of a setback with his pain since returning to Dallas last week. But his father said the arrests seem to be giving him fresh hope.

    ”He was elated," Frank Madrigal said. "He thinks it’s essential to his recovery, to see a price will be paid and justice served.”

    The suspects are charged with aggravated assault and engaging in organized criminal activity. Their bonds range from $500,000 to $800,000.