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6-Year-Old Hero Honored for 911 Call



    (Published Tuesday, July 8, 2014)

    Arlington firefighters honored a young girl Tuesday whose 911 call saved her grandmother's life.

    Six-year-old Claire Sullivan was given a hero award at the fire station. She said she was just acting on instinct when she called 911 to get help for her grandmother.

    “The first thing I did, I didn't know what to do, so I just thought about picking up the phone,” Claire said Tuesday.

    Claire's grandmother had been babysitting her on June 11 when she began slipping in and out of consciousness. But when she called 911, Claire didn’t know the address.

    “My Mimi, it's like she's dead, but I think it's her blood pressure,” Claire said in the 911 call. “Now she's like on the couch, but it sounds like sleeping, and it's like she's knocked out!”

    The 911 operator in Arlington kept Claire calm for about 15 minutes as first responders tracked the call.

    “When the people come to take care of my Mimi, can one of them stay with me, so I won't be alone?” Claire asked the 911 operator.

    “Yes, ma’am, they're gonna stay with you, honey. They're not gonna leave you alone,” the operator responded.

    Her grandmother is expected to be okay. Claire now has her address memorized.