50 Booster Seats Receive High Marks

The booster seats were ranked by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

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    NBC Philadelphia
    October 13, 2011: The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's new ratings for children's booster seats.

    New testing by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has some encouraging news for parents who use booster seats for their children in vehicles.

    "What we found is boosters are doing a much better job than they did just a few years ago," said Ann McCartt, with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

    In 2008 the institute could only find 10 booster seats worthy of its "Best Bet" rating but today there are nearly 50.

    Some of those boosters, like the Graco Turbobooster and the Harmony Highback, were rated at the top of the list. The testing found these boosters allow the lap belt to fit tightly over a child's thighs.

    "It's not riding up on the tummy, which is prone to injury in a crash," said McCartt. "And the shoulder belt is fitting snugly across the center of the shoulder. It's not riding off to the side, it's not riding up on the neck."

    Boosters are generally intended for 4- to 8-year-olds who weigh up to 80 pounds. For the full list of booster seats which ranked high on the list: click here.